10 Washi Tape Ideas: From Organizing to DIY

Washi Tape Ideas

Read on for washi tape ideas for everything from getting organized to decorating your space.

For those not in the know, washi tape is printed, colorful and patterned Japanese tape. It has the stickiness of a painters’ tape, or a less sticky masking tape, which makes it great for removing and relocating without leaving a lot of sticky mess. It also comes in an almost infinite assortment of colors and patterns making it not only easy on the eye, but also quite practical.

Washi tape ideas and uses run the gamut from color-coding file folders to adding pattern and color to DIY decor.

If you haven’t yet delved into the world of washi tape, prepare to have your mind blown. The possibilities for using the variety of color and patterns offered up by this useful office/craft supply, combined with a little inspiration and creativity, are almost endless.

10 Clever Washi Tape Ideas to Organize and Decorate Your Space

  1. Washi Tape Pallet Coasters – Use wooden Popsicle sticks, balsa wood and washi tape to create coasters to protect your surfaces.
  2. Cord Labels – Have a jumbled mess of cords needing organizing? Use washi tape to label those cords.
  3. Washi Tape Monogram Art – Create custom monogram art pieces for your family or as gifts for family members and friends.
  4. Washi Tape Vases – Repurpose glass bottles as decorative vases with a little washi tape.
  5. Cupcake Toppers – Use toothpicks and washi tape to make festive cupcake toppers.
  6. Picture Frames – Living in a dorm or an apartment? You can display wall art without hanging a frame. Simply affix your flat art pieces with washi tape.
  7. Washi Tape Toy Car Track – Make your own toy car track by affixing washi tape to a non-carpeted floor.
  8. Washi Tape Wall Calendar – Use washi tape and sticky numbers to create your own wall calendar to keep you organized.
  9. DIY Tealight Wedding or Shower Favors – Simply add washi tape to tea lights for some diy wedding or shower decorations or favors.
  10. Washi Tape Ceiling Fan – Add color and pattern to a white ceiling fan.
  11. Washi Tape and Chalkboard Clipboard – Use washi tape and chalkboard paint to decorate a practical clipboard.

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