So THAT’S Why We Get the Sunday Blues

Banish the Sunday blues by taking care of yourself.

Sunday should be the best day of the week, but far too often, it’s the absolute worst.

Have you ever wondered why you get the Sunday blues? Well, similar to most bad things, it’s because of our modern existence.

At least all of us “Sunday sad-pants” aren’t alone. According to, 80 percent of people feel the dark cloud of gloom start to hover over their heads come Sunday evening. Luckily, you don’t have to be perpetually sad about the upcoming work week. There are plenty ways people can ensure their moods don’t plummet at the end of the weekend.

The happy Sunday trick

Are you ready for the secret? All you have to do is take time over the weekend to adequately rejuvenate. I know, I know. The weekend is the time to party! Live it up! But sadly, if you don’t take enough time from Friday 5 p.m. to Sunday night to mentally prepare for the week, your nerves—and mood—will stay shot.

That’s because so many of us are perpetual worriers. We basically can’t stop thinking about our Monday to-do list and how long, complicated and scary it is… ugh, I’m thinking about it right now. Also, many of us can’t stop thinking about all the horrible stuff that happened the week, month—year—before, too.

“On a Sunday night, you’re trying to relax, so you’re not going to do the adaptive fight-or-flight thing,” Jennifer Ragsdale, PhD and assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tulsa, says.

“You’re going to sit there and stew in those stress hormones.”

OK, now that we know what’s going on, how can we stop all the racket? It’s easy—if you’re willing to plan and unplug:

  • Before you leave the office on Friday, make a to-do list for the next week. Your brain can do all that planning and worrying before Friday happy hour.
  • Starting on Friday evening, you need to unplug, de-stress and get some shut eye. No one is saying you can’t go out and enjoy yourself, but we all know how hard Monday will slap you in the face if you drink the night away on Saturday.
  • Try and make Sunday a fun day. And no, not the five margarita fun day. We mean waking early, cleaning your house, making a face mask, cooking some great food, and taking a bath. This “you” day should leave your mind and body feeling fresh and ready to hit the office Monday morning.

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