Spark Something Sustainable: The Power of Conversation

If you’re new here, we’re on a road trip down the West Coast this summer with our sustainable clothing company, {r}evolution apparel. You can track our journey here, here, here and here!

On a random Thursday night in Portland, 30 people packed into a dining room at Oba Restaurant. We had drinks. We swapped eco-tips. We took photos. We talked about sustainable fashion. We played dress-up.

It was a small gathering with a big goal: to “Spark Something Sustainable.”

Nothing earth-shattering happened that night – no petitions were signed, or commitments made, or fast-fashion CEO’s burned at the stake. It was just about the conversation.

That’s how change starts – with that amount of people in a small room on a weeknight, who care enough to show up and inspire each other to live, design, and work more sustainably. It’s change on a small, yet crucial, level.

And we believe that’s what a fashion movement looks like. Working together towards something bigger than each of us individually. It’s about people and small businesses simply sparking something, no matter how big or small. It’s a slow revolution and it all makes a difference.

A huge thanks to EcoVibe Apparel for partnering with us on this great event, and of course, to our media sponsor here at EcoSalon!

We’re Kristin and Shannon, the founders of {r}evolution apparel – a clothing company focused on sustainable and versatile design. We created the Versalette – one garment that can be worn over 20 different ways — as a dress, skirt, shirt, poncho, purse & more. It’s made in the USA with 100% recycled fabrics. In 2011, we launched the Versalette on Kickstarter and raised over $64,000. Since then, we’ve been featured in Forbes, Gadling, and the New York Times. To learn more about our mission, check out our website, Facebook, and Twitter.