The Ultimate Guide to Going Braless with Big Boobs

The Ultimate Guide to Going Braless with Big Boobs

Give the girls a break from the boulder holder by going braless.

No matter the size of your frontal real estate, there’s one thing all women can agree on: Wearing a bra sucks. Sure, it helps even out the girls where needed and enhances the look of figure-forming outfits, but there’s no better moment than tearing the damn thing off and letting the girls roam free.

That said, going braless is much easier to pull off when you’re on the smaller side—when you’re larger chested, going braless requires an entirely different strategy (especially if you’re prone to back and shoulder pain). Here are 6 options you—and your boobs—will love:

1. Casual layering

If you layer tops one over the other, the back-to-back articles of clothing will ban together and give you enough support that you won’t have to worry about a bra. For example, you could layer a white button-down with a cropped sweater, or a tank with a boyfriend shirt, or even two crop tops if it’s hot out.

2. Shelf tanks

There are many tops and dresses that are designed in such a way that a bra can’t be accommodated. There are also plenty of tops out there that come with a built-in shelf bra. They give you just enough support so as to not fall victim to a wardrobe malfunction, but not so much that you feel restricted and uncomfortable. Best of all, they’re usually made from thin, versatile material that you can wear under anything.

3. Halter tops and dresses

The best part about halter tops you can tie yourself is being able to choose the level of support you think is necessary to keep your boobs in line.

4. Crop tops

Many crop tops are designed to be worn without a bra, and in fact would look super awkward with one—much like when you’re wearing a top with spaghetti straps and your bra straps are two inches thick. Sometimes it can’t be helped because summer, but with a crop top you won’t have to worry about such nonsense.

5. Buttoned-up jacket

If you wear a fitted jacket made from a stiff fabric, such as denim, the tight fit will keep everything in place, while the thickness of the fabric will prevent you from experiencing a nipplegate fiasco.

6. Bralettes

Bralettes are the best of both worlds: They’re like wearing a bra and a camisole, offering you support minus the discomfort. Take that, underwire!

What are your tricks for going braless?

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