The Miracle Solution


You might wonder how the young founder of Envision Beauty decided to pursue a miracle solution in skincare. Having traveled the world to learn about traditional beauty practices, Kimberly Snyder, already a natural health advocate, felt called to deliver a potion to the masses that would fulfill facial product desires everywhere.

After a short gig at a major cosmetics company, Kimberly became even more frustrated with bottom-line beauty and knew that she could create something better. The result is The Solution, a one-stop shop for your face that will have you saying goodbye to the bottomless beauty kit collecting dust in your bathroom.

Kimberly’s concoction is a formulation of botanicals like goji, acai and grapeseed extract coupled with scientifically proven compounds that work together to keep skin radiant. The product is lighter than most creams and avoids mineral oils, fillers, harsh synthetics, and chemical preservatives that other beauty products use to fill in lines and mask problems. The lighter the cream, the more your skin can breathe and let the real you shine through.

Envision also donates 10% of its profits to charitable organizations around the world.

Have you tried Envision? We’re curious to know if this product is worth the purchase!