Top 10 Trends We Loved (And Hated) From 2010

Over the past year, we’ve covered quite a few trends for you. Recapping a stylish year in pictures, one can’t help but hope the more timely trends will stick around and morph in the new year while a few flaky others fade away. Here’s our top 10 standout picks that we hope you dabbled with wearing. Or, if you were smart, you stayed 100 miles away from.

Hot Pants

Unless you had the body of a model and mind with a touch of crazy, you wouldn’t dare wear this. Yet editorials everywhere sported women frolicking around town in their underpants. I don’t care if they’re knitted or silky, this trend towards negating a hemline is just wrong. Where would you wear this outfit? The beach?

Derek Lam, spring 10


Buttery, sophisticated, ladylike, camel was the color to wear. Not having a camel coat in your closet felt like a sin. Luckily, you still had a camel coat from last year when it emerged as a hot trend.

fall 10 trends, Elle

Lace Resurgence

I love lace, not in a Stevie Nicks “Give to me your leather take from me my lace,” kind of way but as an integral part of your wardrobe and how you can utilize the fabric to mix in textures and patterns. Valentino had some pretty striking lacy pieces last spring that took the grandmother out of lace and instead, added a healthy dose of sex kitten.

Valentino, spring 10


Straight from hospital ER rooms and from under all the waitresses who’ve ever thanked Dansko for making the most comfortable shoe ever, came the clog.

Designers went crazy with it making it strappy, cuffed, cut out and edgy so that we’d never look back to the days we slung hash at the local diner.



Why I still don’t have the one I want bewilders me. You might differ with me but I remain obsessed with pantsuits. Despite the fact you have to completely disrobe to use the bathroom, there’s just so much you can do with them!

Samantha Pleet Jumpsuit

Patterned Pants

Patterned pants swept the nation in the form of cool graphics, zig zags and animal prints that added just the right pop to otherwise bland outfits. Seasoned fashionistas took the trend further and met the prints head on with more print. Done well, this was a good look (and still is).

Feral Childe Lederhosen

The 70s

Demure, tasteful and refined, the 2010 take on the 70s was surprisingly tailored with high-waisted pants and lady-like blouses meeting flowy maxi dresses to create a look we’ll see more of in 2011.

Gucci, spring 10

Cutout Clothing

I like how Marie Claire worded the cutout trend: “The new provocative way to dress is strategically sexy: discreetly peekaboo, transparent but not trashy.”

Women were reminded that they had sexy shoulders, backs and arms that rivaled their decolletage in sexiness. We’ll see a little more of this trend in 2011, too (thankfully).

Popomomo, spring 10


If you wore knee socks at any point this past year, you were the it girl. For those of you with cankles, large knees, or robust thighs, you spat in the face of this trend. If you had the right legs and ankles, this was a fun trend and a great way to layer and add depth to an outfit.

Done wrong, an element of raunch pervaded your vibe.

Albino, spring 10


Sequins were everywhere this fall and throughout the holiday season in the form of tank tops, bomber jackets and over-the-top blazers. But whether you paired them with denim, flouncy bubble skirts or your favorite straight legged trouser pant, you had a unique look. It was nice to see the sparkle spread itself out this year, with women finding different ways of wearing them.

Julie Park Cami

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.