United We Share: Collective Consumption For the Greater Good

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For all those environmentalists, humanitarians, and general do-gooders of the world, the future can seem wrought with strife. An overpopulated planet battling for scarce resources while the wealthy consume far and beyond their fair share.

But EcoSalon’s own Beth Buczynski presents a far more positive outlook in her new book “Sharing is Good. How to Save Money, Time and Resources through Collaborative Consumption.”

Buczynski highlights how human nature is actually built on the simple concept of sharing all the way back to the age of hunting and gathering, although our true nature has been clouded by visions of the individual and over-consumption. Her book is a welcomed return to collective consumption or the  value in sharing, reminding us that united we stand while individually we may falter when it comes to consumption.

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Sharing is nothing new, according to Buczynski. Look at concepts like Ebay, Netflix, and public libraries, but now with more than 7 billion people living on Earth, it’s more important than ever. Collective consumption through sharing reduces our impact on the planet by reducing our individual consumption and it saves us money. For example, car-sharing, co-working (sharing office space), microlending, and sharing a nanny saved Sharable co-founder Neal Gorenflo $17,000 in household income in one year. That’s motivation enough to dive into collective consumption, and the book gives you the tools to do so.

My favorite aspect of the book is the painstaking detail it goes into to provide readers with avenues for sharing. It outlines resources in nearly every genre of collective consumption from goods to transportation, services, and travel.

You’ll learn how to share couture fashion, books, video games, meals, and cars. Gardeners can even borrow yard space and then share the produce loot once the garden has sprouted. EatFeastly.com connects passionate cooks to hungry eaters and ShareMyStorage.com is a social marketplace that connects those with spare space to those who need it. As an avid globe trotter, I can’t wait to take advantage of travel sharing programs like AirBnB and Couch Surfing.

Sharing is nothing new, but the advent of social media and thoughtful startups looking to capitalize on this growing marketplace have meant the concept of collective consumption is our answer to thriving in a world of overpopulation and diminished resources.

Find the book here on Amazon.

Disclosure: This book was supplied as a complimentary product for the review; no other compensation was provided.

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