Want to Lose Weight? Eat a Big (Really Big) Breakfast


 New research from Virginia Commonwealth University shows that eating a big breakfast with carbohydrates and protein will actually help keep weight off more than a low-carb, low-calorie diet.

The study compared the progress of 46 women who ate 1,085 calories a day with breakfast being their smallest meal (allotting 290 calories that consisted of 7 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein) to 48 women who were allotted 1,240 calories with breakfast being their largest meal (including a 610-calorie breakfast with 58 grams of carbohydrates and 47 grams of protein).

After four months, the women on the low-carbohydrate diet lost an average of 28 pounds and those who ate a large breakfast weighed in five pounds higher, losing only 23 pounds. But after an eight-month check-in, the low-carbohydrate eaters regained an average of 18 pounds and those who ate a large breakfast continued to loose an additional 16.5 pounds.

Researchers attribute the weight loss success not to the macronutrients consumed (i.e. carbohydrates) but rather to the caloric value of the meal. Starting the day with a satisfying breakfast leads to an overall feeling of fullness that lasts longer, thus reducing those nasty cravings that can sabotage your diet.

Five breakfast ideas that will hold you till lunch:

-Organic spinach and potato frittata

- Raw almond butter on sprouted grain toast with organic banana slices

-Breakfast Tortilla

- Steel-cut oatmeal with fresh, organic fruit: blueberries, cut peaches, and grated green apple

-Quinoa and barley breakfast porridge

Image: presta

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