Going Green Means Living Blue

water fountain

According to Blue Living Ideas, four out of every 10 people in the world are affected by water scarcity.

As our world’s population explodes, the problem will only get worse if action is not taken to stop wasting and start conserving the water we have. Sure, there are many large scale non-profit organizations, worldwide and regionally, who are working out how to deal with this growing water problem. But there’s also plenty that each of us can do to help conserve water – everything from fixing dripping taps to taking naval showers. Simple steps to be sure, but add everyone’s simple steps together and we’ll get (to paraphrase Neil Armstrong) giant leaps for humankind.

To learn more about the world’s water shortage and how each of us can help, head over to Blue Living Ideas and downloard their free e-book The Green Living Guide to Home Water Conservation. It’s full of practical tips and water saving ideas for work, home and play.

The e-book  was commissioned as part of Kohler’s ongoing Save Water America Campaign.

Image: Julien Harneis