Who Knew IUDs Could Make Great Earrings and Promote Family Planning?

IUD earrings by sharlencreations, supporting family planning.

Want to wear some jewelry that’s eye-catching and will start a conversation about women’s health and family planning? We’ve got the perfect pair of earrings for you. They’re little IUDs, as in intrauterine devices that prevent pregnancy.

In mid-March, Colorado legislators began to don sparkly, colorful earrings shaped in the form of IUDs. The legislators’ fashion statement is meant to support Colorado’s “statewide family planning program.” The family planning program would continue covering the cost of long-term contraceptives for women. If the legislators are successful, $5 million “state general funds” will be used to continue the Family Planning Initiative.

So far, this bill has helped many women in Colorado. For the past five years, the “private-and-publicly-funded Colorado Family Planning Initiative has covered the entire cost of IUDs and birth control implants for Colorado residents.” And the results of the initiative have been positive: more than 30,000 people signed up for long-term birth control. Also: “the teen birth rate has dropped 40 percent. Rates of abortion among teens have also dropped 35 percent,” Bitch reports.

So, why IUDs? Because they are so darn expensive in the United States. According to Bitch, IUDs are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, long lasting, but are pricy: “[R]ight now when women pay for them out of pocket, IUDs and the doctor’s visit for the insertion can cost up to $1,000.”

Now, let’s introduce the smart woman who created the IUD earrings.

Virginia Smith began making the IUD earrings at the request of one of her colleagues who works in women’s health. Each earring is made from glitter, metal, and resin. Pick from 12 colors. Each set is priced at $20.

Inspired by these IUD earrings? Check out a few other birth control inspired accessories:

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Image: Etsy shop, sharlencreations

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