How to Stay Germ-Free This Flu Season Without Toxic Antibacterial Soaps

Why Toxic Antibacterial Soaps Are Not the Way to Stay Germ Free (And What to Use Instead)Have you stocked up on products to ward off cold and flu? How to stay germ-free without toxic antibacterial soap.

Triclosan has been used in hand soaps, hand sanitizers, body washes, and other personal care products for a while now. And people buy them to stay as healthy and germ-free as possible.

The problem? Triclosan is a strong antibacterial designed for use in hospitals, where germs are rampant, not our homes. Too much contact with this heavy duty ingredient can cause health issues like skin and eye irritation, hormonal disruption, and organ toxicity. Not only that, but bacteria are developing resistance to it.

What’s more, there’s some controversy over whether or not it can effectively kill viruses–like the cold or flu virus. Chemical company BASF points to several viruses including SARS that can be killed with triclosan, but FDA data show it may not be effective in preventing the spread of common cold and flu viruses.

The FDA saw the toxic light on this (and 18 other ingredients commonly used to make antibacterial soaps), and put a ban on their use in consumer (i.e., not for hospitals and food service settings) products. Companies who use these ingredients have one year to reformulate or take the products off the market.

Well, that’s a step in the healthy direction. But how are we supposed to keep ourselves germ-free this cold and flu season without powerful antibacterial hand soap and sanitizer? The FDA found, while investigating triclosan and related ingredients, that a good hand washing with soap and warm water is an effective way of steering clear of germs and infection.

Time to get shopping for safer products free from harsh antibacterials and other toxic ingredients. Of course, we aren’t always near a sink. So, grab yourself a natural hand sanitizer for de-germing on the go.

7 Natural Alternatives to Antibacterial Soap and Sanitizer

100% Pure Hand Wash

1. 100% Pure Hand Wash goes a step beyond simple soap. As with all products this brand creates, this unique formula is created with unexpected ingredients, like Sake and coffee cherry. Available in three scents.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pump Soap

2. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pump Soap cleans without drying. Comes in a big 12 oz bottle and several scents.

SKIN Oodles of Orange Hand & Body Wash

3. SKIN Oodles of Orange Hand & Body Wash is not only nontoxic and made with the most natural ingredients, but adds some zest to your vanity.


EO Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

4. EO Peppermint Hand Sanitizer is safe and gentle on skin. A refreshing blend of essential oils make this hand san a pleasure to use. Also available in Lavender.

Tammy Fender The Purist Hand Sanitizer

5. Tammy Fender The Purist Hand Sanitizer keeps hands free of germs with a botanical blend. Includes echinacea to boost immunity and antiseptic tea tree oil.

Intelligent Nutrients Sanitizer

6. Intelligent Nutrients Sanitizer kicks 99.9% of germs to the curb without leaving hands stripped or sticky. Clean, refreshing scent.

Jao Brand Refresher

7. Jao Brand Refresher combats two winter skin woes at once. This blend of germ fighters and natural moisturizers hydrate skin while protecting against contaminants.

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