7 Makeup Ideas for Cold and Flu Season (or How to Look Good When You Don’t Feel That Way)

7 Makeup Ideas for Cold and Flu Season (or How to Look Good When You Don't Feel That Way)

Winter may be creeping near an end, but cold and flu season is still in full swing. Even when you are over the worst of it, sickness can mess with your look. These makeup ideas on dealing when you are under the weather will help take the edge off.

A few select beauty products and a little know-how, and no one will even know you’ve been ill.

7 Makeup Ideas for Looking Good When You’re Sick

1 Beat the red eye. Red eyes are a dead giveaway that you aren’t feeling so hot. Try all natural redness relief drops prior to applying eye cream and makeup. A swipe of white eyeliner under lower lash line does wonders in brightening up eyes, too.

2 Lube up. Adequate moisture is always key to healthy looking skin, and during illness more than ever. It not only hydrates and softens, but soothes and brings skin back to life. To treat puffiness, apply moisturizer and eye cream with spoons that have been chilling in the fridge.

3 Heal, then conceal. Foundation and concealer may not go over chapped skin smoothly. Prepare skin by adding a thin layer of a light balm, like True Organic of Sweden All You Need is Me, on areas that need smoothing before applying this layer. As always, using the right color concealer goes a long way toward covering blotchiness and dark circles.

4 Beware the highlighter. Yes, you are most likely looking a little sallow during or right after any sickness. And you may think highlighter will rescue your skin from its sorry state. Highlighters are perfect for creating luminosity that isn’t there naturally. But it can also highlight dry, chapped skin and redness if used the wrong way. Be sure to apply over concealer and steer clear of the nose (which tends to be red or swollen with a cold) and eyes (which also tend toward redness when you are sick).

5 Powder less. With skin so dried out, you may need less to no powder. Let your moisturizing products work to add life to skin. If you do feel the need to add a puff, go lightly as any dryness will only enhance chafed skin.

6 Go nude. This is no time to use brightly colored hues, especially anything veering toward red or pink. You likely have enough of that going on already. A nude makeup palette is your bestie right now. Use taupe shadow and a peachy blush that closely mimics your natural (read: healthy) skin tone.

7 Give some lip. As for your pucker, nothing looks worse than lipstick worn on super chapped lips. Give your pout a break and apply a moisturizing lip balm until things are back to normal. Nothing creates a softer kisser than Butter Elixir Lip Balm. I even apply this under my nose when it gets tissue irritation.

Now be sure you are chugging water and catching extra Zs. As for your looks? No one will have a clue you aren’t feeling your best.

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