7 Hard and Fast Rules of Applying Concealer for Amazing Results

7 Hard and Fast Rules of Applying Concealer for Amazing Results

Concealer is a game changer in makeup. Nothing brightens eyes, covers spots, and evens discoloration like it. But there are some rules to applying concealer that are a must to getting this step right.

Makeup is personal. We all like what we like and choose items to suit our skin tone, eye color, and so on. Concealer is not different and it is super important to choose the right product for you. It is also essential to know how to use this product in order to avoid those crazy reverse raccoon eyes or too-dark stripes.

So how do you go about choosing the perfect concealer shade? Follow these tips for ID-ing the right color for you and applying concealer like a pro.

7 Hard and Fast Rules of Applying Concealer and Choosing the Perfect Shade

1 Choosing Color: Like foundation, nothing wrecks a good concealer game like using the wrong shade. With foundation we go for the tone closest to our natural skin color. When picking out concealer go a half shade to one whole shade lighter.

2 Choosing Consistency: Yes, there are several different concealer formulas. You have pencil, stick, cream, and even a gel-like lotion. Lotions go on sheer and are good for oilier skin types or those with mild discoloration. A cream or stick is thicker but moisturizing, good for dry skin and covering areas on the face, such as around the nose. Green beauty creator and makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, even recommends using her cream concealer as a light foundation. Pencil is the thickest and also tends to be on the drier side. This one is great for covering dark under eye circles and blemishes.

3 First Step: Concealer should be the first step in your makeup routine, right after moisturizer and facial treatments. Applying concealer on top of foundation will look funky.

4 Light Touch: Concealer is not supposed to show. Taking a light touch with this step will offer best results.

5 Be gentle: When covering under eye circles and other areas of discoloration, apply concealer and gently dab with your ring finger. This presses the product into skin rather than smearing it around.

6 Spot-less: When hiding blemishes you are aiming to minimize redness, not make the sucker disappear. A zit caked with concealer looks just as bad as the pimple itself, if not worse. Dot on concealer and blend with a small makeup brush until the area is less red. A concealer with a bit of acne treatment will help to treat the blemish too.

7 Next steps: Follow up with your usual foundation and don’t forget a dusting of facial powder. Dry-skinned gals may normally avoid powder, but applying a light layer to only areas where concealer has been applied will help the product to stay put and takes away any shine.

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