6 Bright Eyeliner Tricks to Pull Off The Season’s Hottest Look

6 Bright Eyeliner Tricks to Pull Off The Season's Hottest Look

Ready for something new? Play up your eyes this season with these eyeliner tricks that use brightly colored eyeliner to get a gorgeous on trend look.

You have your brown. Your black. Maybe even a navy in there somewhere. Know what your makeup kit needs now? A colorful eyeliner.

That’s right. Think purple, green, even pink eyeliner. Sound scary? Brights create a fresh look with a simple swipe. Worn with a touch a natural toned blush and a neutral lip, the look is modern and fun.

Take a look at how to pull off this eye makeup trend and which products can help you nail the look.

6 Fun Makeup Ideas With Bright Eyeliner

1. Right now I am loving Benecos Natural Eyeliner in Violet. What looks like a deep purple goes on as this brilliant, almost illuminated hue. Great for brightening eyes, alone or paired with white shadow.

2. Benecos Creamy Eyeshadow Pencil in Green/Gold may technically be eyeshadow. But a defined line along lashline? Insta-colored liner. This hue is ultra modern glam.

3. For a fresh look that’s super natural try 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream Stick Liner in Periwinkle. A barely there lavender-ish shade that can be worn as liner or shadow.

4. To instantly awaken eyes, swipe on 100% Pure Bright Eyes Creamy Long Last Liner. Too intense? Try lining lower lash line only for a minimalist pop.

5. Another way to experiment with colorful eyeliner is to go with a muted bright. Orange or pink eyeshadow mixed with a drop of water turns into brilliant, wearable color that isn’t over the top. Another option? Play with Haut Cosmetics Aloe Cream Tints.

6. Think blue is a makeup no-no? Think again. Teal is the current blue, rocked by celebs and models. Give 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream Stick Liner in Hope Diamond a Whirl.

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