How to Cover Up a Pimple in 4 Quick Steps (and Get On With Your Life!)

How to Cover Up a Pimple in 4 Quick Steps

We’ve all been there. A blemish crops up at the least convenient moment. Learn how to cover up a pimple fast and love your skin.

To cover or not to cover? That’s the big question. Sometimes trying to hide a blemish only seems to draw attention to the problem. But a big, red spot isn’t an appealing option either.

Relax. A few tips and the right products, that mark will be a distant memory and you can get to your date, meeting, or rendezvous completely spotless. (And looking better than these models and movie stars with too-thick makeup.)

How to Cover Up a Pimple in 4 Quick Steps

1.  First step, assess the damage. You’ve been told repeatedly Not. To. Pick. True, this often does more harm than good. But there are times when a zit just has to go. Whether you are dealing with a swollen red mark or damage due to popping, toning down swelling and redness is the first step in the prep. Hold an ice cube on the spot for several seconds to calm the area down.

2.  Before you go covering with makeup, think treatment. Applying a thick coating of concealer not only looks bad, it doesn’t help the spot to heal. Use a BB Cream with skin clearing ingredients. Vapour Organics Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector brightens skin, makes the spot less noticeable, and helps makeup to stay put. It also contains elemi oil to get rid of the pimple fast. If you use a BB Cream that does not contain pimple healing ingredients, use a touch of acne treatment (Amala Purifying Blemish Treatment works great) before applying the cream.

3.  Next up, the concealer. Oily skin does best with a less moisturizing product. Benecos Natural Concealer contains talc to absorb excess oil while it camouflages. Flaky spots are another story. Before applying Step 2, very gently massage the area with a soft washcloth to remove dry skin buildup. Then opt for a more emollient concealer, like RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up. When applying this step, a little dab will do you. The BB Cream has created a nice base so you don’t need as much product.

4.  Finally, a dusting of powder helps to further hide the pimple, decreases any shine, and refines the look of skin. RMS Beauty Un Powder is absolutely translucent, very light, and disappears into skin while creating a perfect finish. It is also the softest powder you will ever use. Dust lightly onto skin and swipe over the area with a clean makeup brush to remove excess.

This zit concealing process should last. If you see any shine or redness return, another dab of powder should do the trick. Now, remember to wash your face before going to bed.

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