Yellowed Workout Tees? Don’t Sweat It


Summer sunshine and gorgeous weather make for the ideal conditions to get moving – whether hiking, running, biking with your family or simply taking your dog for a walk. But working out in the heat, always comes with a side of sweat, and all too often sweat-stained clothing make laundry a tricky task. How do you get rid of those embarrassing and icky yellow pits without reaching for chemical bleach or another harsh formula?

You can stick it to sweat stains with an easy DIY removal solution. In a spray bottle mix one cup of water with one cup of ammonia. Spray directly onto yellowed areas or dip an old rag into the formula and dab it onto the stains. Let the solution do its sweat-removing magic for 10 minutes.

Then wash your soon-to-be-white-again workout whites as usual. When you take them out of the washer you’ll love how clean they finally look and you can put them back on and start sweating all over again.

Image: ceiling