Kristen Schaal of ‘The Daily Show’ Mansplains the Importance of Manspreading [Video]

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Manspreading is taking over New York’s subway system–men hogging two seats by  widely spreading their legs.

But according to “The Daily Show” correspondent Kristen Schaal, it’s justified. “Men make 30 percent more than women, they should have 30 percent more space on the ride to work,” Schaal says, telling Jon Stewart: “You’ve been so brainwashed by this feminized world, you can’t even see everything that men have lost.”

The best part is when she talks directly to Stewart’s balls to remind them that they have lost the freedom once inherent to all …

Zesty Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

brussels sprouts

This recipe for a shaved Brussels sprouts salad includes simple flavors that help to cut the Brussels sprouts inherent bitterness. As well, the tangy dressing offers a welcome punch! Enjoy as a side dish or a light lunch.

Brussels sprouts are not that type of vegetable conventionally eaten raw. They are harder and more coarse than the average raw vegetable. However, Brussels sprouts can indeed be eaten raw and are amazingly delicious when enjoyed in a simple salad.

To make the Brussels sprouts easier to eat as well as more of …

Consequences of Global Climate Change: Which Countries are Most Threatened?

Consequences of Global Climate Change: Which Countries Are the Most Threatened?

Which countries will suffer the most as a result of global climate change?

The global climate is changing and as it does, certain countries are likely to feel the brunt of it. The poorest nations, those that emit the least carbon, are the most threatened by global climate change. Though you might be surprised at where many countries fall.

Standard & Poor’s looked at the impact of global climate change on each country’s economy. The analysis was based on the percentage of …

6 Ways to Get Your Glam on With Metallic Makeup

6 Ways to Get Your Glam on With Metallic Makeup

How to rock metallic makeup – you know, without looking like The Tin Man.

As much as I love the look of metallic makeup, I’m secretly terrified to use it – I mean, one wrong move and you end up resembling aluminum foil. That being said, I’m constantly drawn to take the plunge because of its futuristic and streamlined aesthetic. Whether you dive into the world of metallic eyeshadows or you dig a shimmery pout, metallic makeup can take what would otherwise be a …

5 Ayurvedic Ways to Relieve Stress



Here are 5 tried-and-true Ayurvedic ways to relieve stress. As basic as they are, they make a world of a difference in your life.

In this day and age, it’s hard not to be stressed. A mere walk down the street puts you at risk of a variety of stressors – car sounds and pollution, large crowds of bustling people and compromised air quality. Then, there are the makeup, the clothing and the jewelry you weigh yourself down with day after day and the oftentimes not-so-seamless work, home and social …

Kelly Slater Launches Sustainable Clothing Line

Kelly Slater Launches is New Sustainable Clothing Line

Kelly Slater is likely the best surfer the world has seen. And now he may also soon be the best eco clothing designer too.

Kelly Slater has won the ASP World Tour Championship a record 11 times. He was both the youngest (at 20) and the oldest (at 39) to win the award. He’s gone farther than any other surfing champion and now he plans to use his fame to launch a sustainable clothing line. It’s called Outerknown and it’s his new surfing lifestyle brand. Last year, …

Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty Dishes on Anti-Aging Skincare

An Interview with Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty

EcoSalon caught up with Anthony Vargas, founder and CEO of anti-aging skin care line, Tilth Beauty.

What do you get when science and anti-aging meet? That would be Tilth Beauty. The line, created by “Skin Care Scientist and Beauty Expert”, Anthony Vargas, is a combination of anti-aging chemistry and natural ingredients.

Vargas was behind the launch of some pretty big beauty products while working at Elizabeth Arden. He took his knowledge and experience on a mission to create safer products that deliver on a conventional beauty level. …

Moonshine Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Moonshine Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Try this re‑creation of a classic cocktail and enjoy the digestive benefits of both kombucha and bitters. The dashes of bitters lend an aromatic, well-balanced flavor to the fresh citrus, resulting in a crisp cocktail.

Jovial King of Urban Moonshine is an expert when it comes to pairing food and drink with bitters, which are made of a variety of herbs, fruits, spices, and roots distilled in a base liquor. She inspired me to add cherry bitters to my Traditional Kombucha Wonder Drink—and what a wonderfully refreshing flavor combination! I recommend …