A Song for the Oceans that Will Change How You View Water Forever [Video]


Watch as shaman Angaangaq shares a powerful song for the waters of the world out amongst massive icebergs. It’s so chilling you’ll feel like you’re right there on the icy water. Angaangaq says: “The ocean takes many lives in its hunger for knowledge. I pray to the Great One that the ocean may be good to us and I sing her this song, the song for the ocean.”

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Domestic Abuse: Why the #WhyIStayed, #WhyILeft Hashtags are Important

Negative violence against women sign.

We’ve all likely seen–or at the very least heard of–the video of Ray Rice, the indefinitely suspended professional football player, punching his then girlfriend, now fiancé, Janay Rice, in the face.

The video is incredibly upsetting for many reasons. First, we’re witnessing domestic abuse, which is terrible and inexcusable. Second, after the viewing the tape, the NFL decided to only suspend Rice for a few games. He punched a woman in the face and was given a less harsh punishment than players caught with marijuana.

Now, since the full video …

15 Ingenious Repurposing Projects for Used Books

Repurpose used books into clever home decor projects.

Old, used books can be transformed into cool DIY home decor with these repurposing projects.

Are you a book lover or do you know someone who is? Play on your love of books and utilize used books to create unique home decor projects. From DIY planters to building a bookshelf out of books, we’ve got some really creative ideas on how to repurpose used books that are destined for the recycling bin.

Now, some folks are never going to be okay with this idea, but as long …

USDA Farming Techniques Improve Ugandan Crop Yields

ugandan farmers photo

Between 1987-2007 much of Northern Uganda was engaged in a civil war that left the rural nation closed off to development and investment. It also left the population with a serious food insecurity issue. Now USDA’s Food for Progress Program, along with The National Cooperative Business Association-Cooperative League of the United States of America International (NCBA-CLUSA) and Mercy Corps are teaching small farmers in the area farming techniques to increase their yields.

Ugandan farmers like Grace Opono have implemented farming techniques that have helped her double her yields in just two seasons. Now …

16 Thoughtful Ideas on How to Cheer Someone Up

Friends hanging out

Bestie down in the dumps? Learn how to cheer someone up, stat.

Learning how to cheer someone up is a fine art… that doesn’t start with saying, “Cheer up.” (In fact, never ever (ever!) say it because it just makes things worse.) If your BFF is having a crap day, week, or decade, these are the moments that matter most in your friendship.

Personally, I love it when my friends feel like shit… wait, that came out wrong. What I mean is, I love being there for the people I care about: …

3 Cruelty-Free Hair Dyes for the Colorful, Vegan Gal

Manic Panic hair dye.

If you’re like me, you love to rock different hair colors, but not at the expense of sweet, cuddly creatures. Luckily there are a lot of cruelty-free hair dye brands out there.

Next time you want to dye your hair a vibrant red or a cool blue, click on over to these sites, and snatch up the cruelty-free hair dye that speaks to your soul.

1. Manic Panic

Words cannot describe how much I love Manic Panic. Sure, this hair dye business may be best known …

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup? Yes, Please

A selection of e.l.f. lip glosses.

When I’m flush with cash, I always buy the most natural makeup I can find, which typically is, thankfully, cruelty free! But sometimes when I’m in-between paychecks (or if I didn’t pick up enough projects for the month), I fall back on some of my favorite cruelty-free drugstore makeup brands. All of these products will fill your face with color and leave a little extra cash in your wallet.


I’ve used a countless number of NYX’s lipsticks and have never …

Compostable Clothing: Is It Possible?

clothing line drying

Can you really toss your old jeans into your compost pile?

Technically, yes you can. However, there is a lot to understand about the constitution of different fibers, how fast they can break down and possible complications when it comes to compostable clothing. Many companies and designers, such as PUMA, Freitag and Linda Loudermilk, have been working with creating fully biodegradable textiles, and are making headway with increasing the speed at which fibers can break down and add beneficial elements to a compost pile.