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3 Recipes Using Summer’s Most Versatile Fruit

Eggplant gets such a bad rap. Lots of people think it’s bitter because it certainly can be when it’s out of season and has traveled far to get to your table. But eggplant can also be sweet, flavorful, meaty, and so versatile. What other vegetable is so at home in […]

25 Under $25: Cool Gift Ideas for the Fashionista In Your Life

Cool gift ideas for the fashionista who has everything. (Well, almost everything.) When your BFF’s a fashionista who owns designer everything and is stylish in her own right, it can feel impossible to find her a gift that suits both her aesthetic and your budget. Here are 25 cool gift […]

Sex for Our Whole Lives

Do you remember how you first found out about sex? Not just how babies are made, but the…ins and outs, so to speak? For most of us, our first introduction to sex as more than just a reproductive act probably came from chatter with friends, a copy of Playboy or […]

Now & Then: The History of the Iconic Ballet Flat

Perfect for plies and jetes or to run across a busy Parisian street, ballet flats are universally adored for being both comfortable and chic. It’s a noisy world we live in. Sometimes even the added clack of a stiletto, or the heavy clomp of a vertiginous platform feels out of […]

From Our Lips to Green Ears: Expert Tips on How to Shop Green Beauty

The green world is getting tough. Not tough like Afghanistan, more tough like an organic West Side Story. Still, it is stressful. Why? Because it seems you need a PhD in product just to make sense of what’s organic, what’s natural, and what’s really nuclear waste disguised as delicate organic […]

3 Cilantro Recipes: Are You a Cilantro Lover or Hater?

These cilantro recipes bring cilantro to the forefront and make it the make-or-break ingredient. I tend to meet people who either love cilantro and its unique aroma and fresh taste or simply can’t bear its “soapiness”. Cilantro is just one of those herbs – it’s hard to get a passive […]

Your Green Holiday Challenge? Shop Sustainable in Your Hood

This holiday season, avoid succumbing to advertisers brainwashing us to believe that Best Buy and Macy’s are the only acts in town because of rock bottom sales and coupons. Instead, think local. Sure, we’re a global people, but neighborhood businesses need our support to survive. The backbone of our small […]

Canadian Chic with Jessie May

Canadian designer Jessie May’s self-named line of casual knitwear has been making its way into U.S. boutiques over the past few years and the pieces have become a sleeper-hit among eco-minded notables. The newest lines feature an increasingly organic selection of bamboo, creamy cotton “cashmere” and modal jersey knitwear. The […]

Improve Your Sex Life and Beautify Your Skin with Chocolate?

Remember the teen years, when chocolate meant sugar meant zits meant caked-on cover-up? Get ready to laugh in chocolate’s face, (and then consume it wildly like some mythical monster out of Lord of the Rings.) Now chocolate (can be) good for us! Okay, perchance not in the way of Willy […]

Use Rain Barrels to Drench Your Garden and Save Water

April showers bring May flowers – and an opportunity to give your garden a healthy drink without chipping away at your efforts to conserve water. Why not get some rain barrels and collect the runoff from your gutters that would otherwise go to waste? Although any old 55-gallon drum or […]

Sex by Numbers: A Very Blue Hawaii

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers. 1 minute: Length of the first Magic Mike trailer to feature full male nudity, released this week 112: Age of recently discovered notes from a failed Antarctic expedition describing the “depraved” behavior of Adelie penguins, including apparent acts of necrophilia […]

How Safe Are Gel Manicures?

To gel or not to gel? One woman’s journey. It started on Facebook, as many first-world tragedies do. It was 2010. One moment I was staring in half-focus at the organic burrito a friend says is the best thing she’s ever eaten. An instant later, I snapped to attention. Former […]

Carbon Offsets: a Primer

“Carbon offsetting”. What exactly is it? When a product is manufactured, it often involves the production of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. A responsible company makes amends by engaging in activities that reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide – “offsetting” the CO2 they have released. So it’s not about […]

7 Top Facial Mist Picks to Maintain Your Summer Glow

Summer heat getting you down? It sounds like you’re in need of a refreshing facial mist.  It’s so hot outside you feel like you’re melting… and your makeup literally has. What’s a girl to do? Maintain your summer glow by choosing a facial mist as your partner in crime: Not […]

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9 Top Movie Sex Scenes That Are All Kinds of Steamy

These top movie sex scenes are totally “grrr baby.” Okay, so for the most part sex scenes in movies don’t depict how it really goes down in real life—the woman’s always waxed and ready to go, the lighting is always just right, there’s never an awkward pause to put on […]

Fantastic Floor Pillows, Floor Cushions, and Poufs, Oh My!

Fab floor pillows you can buy or DIY! Floor pillows and poufs are in. Okay, they have been in, but I’m slow to catch on. They make perfect alternative seating for informal dinner parties, game nights, patio garden parties, or just kicking back to watch the latest on Netflix. Lots […]

Sayonara Skimpy Undies: Boxer Briefs for Women Are Where It’s At

These boxer briefs for women are the perfect combination of comfy and cute. When it comes to undies, guys have it made: Boxers or briefs? Women, on the other hand, have hipsters and briefs and thongs and even (icky) crotchless numbers to choose from—none of which are particularly comfortable. Sure, […]

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7 Awesome, Influential Women in Sustainable Fashion

Women have been the driving force behind sustainable  fashion, and we want to honor some of the industry’s most awesome ladies by highlighting their achievements and undeniable passion for creating a fashion system that serves us all! 1. Yael Aflalo This LA based dame first started her fashion career as […]

Here’s Why You Need to Go Biodynamic Wine Tasting in Europe

Biodynamic wine tasting in Europe! What could be better? Strolling through vine covered rolling hills. Touring centuries-old cellars. Winding through the narrow passageways of ancient medieval hilltop towns. It’s romantic. Enchanting. Think chateaux, manicured gardens and river cruises – experiences that pair beautifully with biodynamic wines that sing out of the […]