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To Catch a Thief

Having just showcased her Spring/Summer 2009 collection at Toronto’s L’Oreal Fashion Week, Thieves designer Sonja den Elzen is guaranteed a speedy launch into the international eco spotlight. Much like her Canadian counterparts such as Deux fm, Lav & Kush, and Salts Organic (den Elzen hails from Ontario), the designer combines […]

Prix Pictet 2011: More than Just Pretty Pictures

An annual photography competition dedicated to sustainability. “Many photographers are concerned about our world and are producing work that, while often beautiful, still has a very powerful message for us: This is not art for art’s sake, it is art for our own sake.” – Joerg Colberg, photographer, critic and […]

It’s Time to Get Serious about Overfishing

We need to save our oceans, and quickly. The most recent and widely cited report on fisheries predicts a complete global fisheries collapse by 2048 and asserts that ninety percent of large fish such as tuna and swordfish are already gone. Other than the people using seafood wallet cards and […]

Video: Afghanistan – Touch Down in Flight

VideoA video that shows the side of a country that we rarely see. Explosions, armed forces, rubble, and violence are images many of us come up with when we hear the words Afghanistan, but this video paints a different light. A look at a beautiful people and culture, one focused […]

21 Incredible World Monuments Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

World monuments are spectacular feats of humankind in and of themselves, inspiring awe in their architectural detail, grandeur or simplicity.  Match that with a keen photographer in just the right moment and the outcome is a new piece of inspiring artwork. Here are 21 incredible photographs of world monuments like you’ve […]

LIV GRN T-Shirt Giveaway

Happen to catch Ellen DeGeneres on one of her Earth Day shows wearing this LIV GRN organic cotton tee? How about actors like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Balthazar Getty strolling the streets of L.A. clad in their green messaging? LIV GRN is the brainchild of music industry pro Larry […]

All of Our Unsexy Bodies are, in Fact, Sexy

Have you ever wondered why you don’t think the “gross stuff” your partner does isn’t gross? Or why you love to grab your person’s gut after they’ve eaten? It’s probably because you’re evolved and realize that unsexy bodies — aka all of our bodies — are, in fact, sexy. I […]

NYFW: Samantha Pleet Takes on an Urban Indiana Jones

With Spring/Summer 2013, Samantha Pleet merges old with new to encapsulate the modern women. In our rapid-paced, progressive world, there’s beauty to be had in traversing backwards in time and place. With Samantha Pleet’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection all made in New York City, the designer took us there with her “Sands […]

21 Fantastic Summer Blueberry Recipes Perfect for Right Now

As if you needed a reason…how about 21 perfect summer blueberry recipes to put your favorite berry to good use? One of my favorite parts about summer is blueberries. Yes, a fruit can in fact be your favorite part of a season. Growing up we had three blueberry bushes in […]

Driving Change with Your Auto Club Dues

If you count yourself among those who consider driving a necessary evil, I have some advice for you: put your car club dollars where your values are. Have you heard that AAA, America’s favorite car club, has green competition? Enter Better World Car Club, the only car club in the […]

Foodie Underground: Keep It Simple With a Soup Swap

After taking a look last week at how many people see foodies as elitists, I figured it was time to take it down a notch, highlight the fact that the underground foodie movement is often less about culinary complexities and more about keeping things simple. Growing your own food, buying […]

The Proof Is in the Pillow

This past weekend the clocks jumped ahead and stole an hour right out from under us. One hour of precious beauty sleep – poof, gone! As I set my clocks ahead on Saturday night, I pondered the necessary adjustments – loss of sleep, waking in blackness, longer evenings. Then I […]

Cancer: the Price of Peace?

Once home, many of our soldiers who served in Iraq have to battle chronic rashes, tumors and even cancer. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is demanding to know why. Why did the giant contractor KBR knowingly expose our forces to carcinogenic toxins at its power plants in […]

How to Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste

Seeing as we put toothpaste directly in our mouth, you’d think it would be one product that’s always chemical free. Use this DIY toothpaste recipe for a bright smile without the chemicals and toxic ingredients added to the mix. Herbal toothpaste brands are a step in the right direction, but […]

Auburn Aspirations? Henna 101

Sometimes I feel like such a sensual, earthy goddess with green paste all over my hair. Henna will do that to you. Best known as the dye used in intricate, temporary skin designs originally hailing from the traditions of Middle Eastern cultures, henna is also traditionally used to bring shine […]

27 Cool Pumpkin Carvings That’ll Make the Other Stoops Jealous

Halloween’s just around the corner, and you know what that means: Time to decorate that stoop of yours with some cool pumpkin carvings. When I come across cool pumpkin carvings, I have one of two reactions, usually simultaneously. The first is a feeling of awe (especially when the pumpkin doesn’t […]

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Cool Down with EcoSalon’s Beat the Heat Box!

  Oh baby, it’s H-O-T outside! Remember back in the thick of winter when you couldn’t wait for this summer heat? And now that it’s here–as glorious as it is–we could all use a little respite from the nonstop sweating, the thick, humid air, and that unrelenting sun! We’ve got […]

Microbes Make Plants Grow? [Video]

Did you know there are people working with microbes to help increase crop yields? It’s true and not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Watch the video below to hear all about it. Related on EcoSalon Maryland Law Seeks to Protect Honey Bees From Neonicotinoid Pesticides 7 Ways for Nature […]

5 Cozy Cardigans to Wear this Autumn: Friday Finds

I wore a long-sleeve shirt outside for the first time last weekend and it was glorious. This wonderful occasion reminded me that I need to add a few cozy cardigans to my wardrobe before autumn is in full swing. The following 5 are high on my must-buy list. 1. Hood […]

Technology: Making Raising Plants Easier [Video]

Plants aren’t easy to manage. That’s why many of us are thankful that technology exists that makes plant management easier. Take a look at one of these technological advances below. Related on EcoSalon Talking ‘Hello Barbie’ Doll Is Basically the Stuff of Nightmares Green Electronics: on the Path to a […]

Are All Those Superfood Smoothies Making Us Fat?

Are you making superfood smoothies? Spoiler: They may be the reason you’re gaining weight. What started as a general, well-intentioned suggestion to eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables has now spiraled out of control. Instead of appreciating the produce that is so readily available at our local farmers […]

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You Need to Watch These Shar-Pei Puppies Right Now [Video]

The Shar-Pei puppies in the video below are incredibly adorable. Watch them sleep during their ride through the neighborhood. While there’s not a lot of action, there is a whole lot of cute. Related on EcoSalon Corgi Puppies and Mini Pumpkins are Mortal Enemies [Video] Bunny and Puppy Check Each Other […]

Cool Down with EcoSalon’s Beat the Heat Box!

  Oh baby, it’s H-O-T outside! Remember back in the thick of winter when you couldn’t wait for this summer heat? And now that it’s here–as glorious as it is–we could all use a little respite from the nonstop sweating, the thick, humid air, and that unrelenting sun! We’ve got […]

Have a Happy Home: the Psychology of Interior Design

Living a better and more efficient life begins at home, which is why the psychology of interior design is so vitally important to creating a happy home. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, residential interior design is a multifaceted field that often involves various stages of renovating, remodeling, and […]