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One lucky EcoSalon reader will win this incredible Michael Todd prize pack valued at $500 – and that reader could be you! Here’s how to get in on the action.

I don’t know about you, but this is usually the time of year when I spend more time moisturizing than breathing. Otherwise, the crisp winter air turns my skin into sandpaper. If you’re also looking for a way to turn your skin care routine up a notch (or nine), you’re in luck: We’ve got a Michael Todd prize package on our …

Can a Loaf of Bread Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Can a Loaf of Bread Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

While much of conventional farming is doing more harm than good to the climate, wheat may be an important crop for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

So, would wheat still be such a dietary pariah if it could help to curb climate change?

According to a new paper published in the recent journal Nature Communications, we may want to give wheat another chance. “The study found that a combination of a few basic farming practices boosted wheat production and put heaps of carbon back into the …

5 Dead Etiquette Rules That Will Give You a Good Laugh


Etiquette rules used to be the guiding light for hosting. Today they’re just outdated.

A knife should go to the right of your plate, and a fork should go the the left. You should set a table with wine and water glasses. That’s all well and good, but when it comes to etiquette rules, there are plenty of them that we could certainly live without.

Outdated etiquette rules are often sexist in nature – this was after all the time when the hostess did all the work, and the man of the house would …

Mood Board 2015: What’s Going to be Hot in the New Year


Mood Board 2015

Don’t look now but 2015 is almost here. Are you ready? We present your 2015 mood board for the new year. Complete with trends in beauty, fashion, food, and wellness.

Must Have Hue // Pantone has announced that Marsala is the hue to have for 2015. A deep, rich mahogany red, this must-have shade is mellow yet adds zesty color. InStyle magazine suggests pairing a Marsala-hued accessory with navy, black or mustard. Yum!

New Beauty // The good news? Super natural looking skin is in. This means taking good care of …

Heck, Yes! Gender Reassignment Surgery Costs to be Covered by New York Insurers

Transgender health rally

New York State just did an awesome thing — a really awesome, totally progressive thing. Governor Cuomo announced that gender reassignment surgery has to be covered by health insurance throughout the entire state.

We recently got wind of this stellar news last week when @NYTimesHealth tweeted the following:
Insurers in New York Must Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery, Cuomo Says
According to Kaiser Health News, the announcement was made last week via letter from Governor Cuomo to insurance agencies. The governor came to this conclusion because, “state law requires insurance …

6 Ways to Make Winter Sex… Well, Sexy

couple kissing in winter

There’s nothing quite like winter sex. You know, if you play your thermostats right.

It’s hard to say why our sex drive plummets in the winter… oh, who am I kidding? The reasons are a plenty: It’s freezing and taking your clothes off equals more freezing, not to mention the 45 minutes it takes to strip off all your layers. Then there’s the shaving dilemma: You don’t want to shave because the extra layer of insulation really comes in handy, but the second you don’t your beau’s not going to …

Global Plastic Pollution Revealed: 269,000 Tons Floating in the World’s Oceans

plastic pollution photo

Most of us realize abstractly that plastic pollution is a real problem in the world’s oceans. We’ve vaguely heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or maybe at one time been dismayed to see plastic floating along a waterway.

It’s a problem that’s somewhat hidden because plastic is a huge industry that keeps pushing more and more plastic products in our faces. But the fact of the matter is plastic pollution is a real problem–a recent study revealed its full magnitude.

In all, 5 trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing …

12 Christmas Cocktails Guaranteed to Get You Under the Mistletoe with Santa

12 Christmas Cocktails Guaranteed to Get You Under the Mistletoe with Santa

In the lead up to Christmas, sit back, relax and sip on these 12 deliciously festive Christmas cocktails. Cheers to that!

Christmas is just around the corner. As much as the holiday centers on gift giving and receiving, comforting seasonal flavors and colorful decorations, Christmas is also about the booze. But I’m not talking about just any ol’ alcoholic beverage – I’m talking about cocktails catered to the holiday itself, incorporating cheer into every spiked sip. These Christmas cocktails ought to do …

10 Deceptively Simple Ideas for Last Minute Homemade Christmas Cards

Easy homemade Christmas card ideas.

Make your own easy homemade Christmas cards using one of these clever project ideas.

Well, you have done it again. You have procrastinated on sending out your Christmas cards. Don’t worry though, unless it is Christmas Eve, there is still plenty of time to make and send your own homemade Christmas cards. All you need is some inspiration, and we have got that covered for you.

Making your own homemade Christmas cards may seem like an extra hassle that’s just unnecessary at this time of year, but it is actually …