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Now & Then: The History of the Bikini

“It was an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini”: Once so shocking, the song’s 1960s protagonist was “afraid to come out of the water.” In 1946 in Paris, a fashion designer named Louis Reald unveiled his two-piece bathing suit to the public. He named it the “bikini” because he believed […]

5 Tips to Become an Avid Reader

We all want to be avid readers. Successful people throughout history have seen the world through books first. Reading expands vocabulary and knowledge and it makes you a better writer. Some people are born to read and that’s really all they want to do. My mom used to read books […]

Foodspotting Friday: Chocolate Lovers Edition

10 photos to quell your chocolate cravings.  When I discovered that breathable chocolate actually exists, I debated on tracking down a French friend so they could send some over. A whiff of chocolate that you can keep in your purse? That’s like having an instant pick me up right next to […]

What Binge-Watching Says About Your Mental Health

Does binge-watching make you lonely and depressed, or do you binge watch because you are already feeling lonely and depressed? In roughly two weeks time, oodles of people around the world (me included) will be glued to their televisions, binge-watching the new season of “House of Cards”. And while this […]

Shade Grown Hollywood: 10 Tabloid Tips for a Hollywood Body

ColumnWhere celebrity goes conscious. When she stepped out with Sean Penn for a breezy walk on a Hollywood trail, Scarlett Johansson committed several unspeakable acts. First, she had forgone her Spanx under her workout wear, second, she was wearing leggings, best friends to the muffin top, and third, she had […]

Primer: the Many Health Benefits of Seeds

As a consciously healthy eater, you probably consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and beneficial oils. But are seeds in your nutritional treasure chest? Just think about it: a tree or plant puts all of its genetic punch into the seed, hoping that the seeds will sprout to […]

Bioflavonoids, Antioxidants and Phytochemicals: a Nutritional Primer

Most of us intuitively know, from an early age, that our bodies are more likely to resist illness if we eat the right foods and get daily physical activity and sufficient sleep. Terms like bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and phytochemicals may seem to overly complicate that simple, sensible formula, but since each […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Experts Only, Girls

ColumnA comment on commenting. In a burst of condescension so brilliant my lady-brain almost didn’t catch it, a follower on Twitter labeled our recent article about nuclear energy as stupid and ignorant. He then admonished us both there and on Facebook to be “ashamed.” Our readers deserve to know “the […]

The Jeg’s Up!

Jeggings: The season’s hot pants give new meaning to OMG! Optimum mailable garment? Over my girth? Omnipresent mod gear? I could go on and on, but I will spare you, and simply rant about how the stretchiest jeans for a body-fluctuating planet are an inescapable fashion feature this fall – […]

7 Awesome Thrift Stores in Philadelphia

Thrift shopping for vintage treasures is easy when you know where to find them. Here are seven of our favorite thrift shops in Philadelphia. It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia, but when the weather is less than great, what better time to explore the vintage shopping there. We were more […]

A Heart-to-Heart

I’m not a lover of red roses, so it’s a good thing I never receive them. Guess the word is out. Never give her red roses. I don’t equate scarlet blooms and chunky diamonds with being well loved, despite my mother’s attempts to train me. Court me with orchids and […]

The Friday 5: Unpacking Edition

The top stories of the week at EcoSalon. As McDonalds unpacks its products in an attempt to come clean about how and where it gets its ingredients, we take a closer look (because yes, we like to raise a McEyebrow). Amy DuFault unpacks rich, sad memories of her grandmother, Jeanne […]

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Rana Plaza: 2 Years Later Fast Fashion Has Yet to Pay Up

April 24, marked the second anniversary of the terribly sad and uncivil catastrophe at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. An unthinkable tragedy–1,134 people died and more than 2,500 were severely injured when the poorly built and managed Rana Plaza factory collapsed into rubble. Although this disaster was horrible in every way, it […]

How to Move In Together Without it Ending in Murder

So, you want to move in together. You’re head over heels and feel as if your innards transformed into warm, sugary rainbow goo. Cut to six months later… It’s not like you’re unhappy that you moved in with the love of your life… it’s just that you’d rather them not […]

6 Best Natural Multitasking Beauty Products

Which beauty products do we love the best? Well, that has to be multitasking beauty products. Find out which ones to stock up on today. You are stranded on a deserted island and can only have one beauty product … what would you bring? It would have to be a […]

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This Seriously Massive NASA Photo Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

How small are we really? Just have a peek at the largest NASA photo ever taken–a super-high resolution image of Andromeda from Hubble–and feel how incredibly vast the universe is. It is simply breathtaking.  Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger Related on EcoSalon Consciousness and Compassion in Our (Simulated) Universe The […]

Benefits of Meditation: Study Shows It Changes Your DNA

New research shows the health benefits of meditation both physically and mentally. Publishing in the journal Pschoneuroendocrinolgy, researchers from Wisconsin, Spain, and France have found that mindfulness meditation can cause molecular changes. I am proof positive of the benefits of meditation. Before I started meditating seven years ago I spent […]