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Get your Holiday gifting groove on with EcoSalon’s The Box: Holiday Edition. This exclusive curated event boasts $472+ of the best in eco-luxe beauty, fashion, wellness, and entertaining accessories and gifts for only $129.00 + free shipping. That’s a 73%+ discount! 

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The Box: Holiday Edition is packed with 16 brands, including innovative gadgets for one-of-a-kind celebrations, a guide to cooking exotic culinary masterpieces, luxurious and colorful non-toxic beauty products, specialty supplements and superfoods, and more holiday treats!

Starting Monday, November 24th, we will reveal  5-6 products per day. The Box goes on sale Friday, November 28th  at 8am Pacific Time. Set …

Plastic Bags Be Gone: EU Passes Historic Reduction Plan

plastic bag trash photo

Plastic bags are pretty deplorable by any environmental measure. I have to hold my tongue every time I go to the grocery store because in my native South Carolina, the bags are still handed out a few at a time.

In terms of consumption and pollution, they’re the symbol of what we’re doing wrong–made from oil, clogging up waterways and oceans, and choking turtles, birds and all sorts of sea creatures along the way. Yet, the U.S. has been slow to act. Maybe now we can take some cues …

15 Vegan Gifts to Buy this Holiday Season

Present topper

Your meat, dairy, and animal-product free buddy deserves a unique gift this holiday season. So, we’ve rounded up 15 vegan gifts that will please the animal-lover in your flock of friends. (Rest assured, we know what we’re talking about – a vegan wrote this piece, and another vegan edited it!)

Before we get to our ideas, we wanted to give you a few thoughts from Jill Pyle, co-founder of Vegan Cuts. Pyle has some choice advice about vegan fashion (and even has released an e-Book: Vegan Fashion Guide).

If you’re shopping for …

This Dog-Bear on a Treadmill Will Give You 30 Seconds of Pure Joy [Video]

Screenshot 2014-11-26 14.32.10

Laugh off yesterday’s meal by watching this cute as heck puppy dog in a bear suit on a treadmill. He’s like an Ewok!

Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger

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77 Totally Random Things to Be Thankful For

thankful fortune

A mega-roundup of 77 things to be thankful for you’re going to be thankful for (HA, get it?).

It’s Thanksgiving, ladies! Time to hoover a massive dinner (and pie, of course) surrounded by your family and friends – and dog, who’s patiently waiting for you to literally throw him a bone. By now, you’ve probably started chatting about things to be thankful for and have covered the obvious – your health, job, home – but have yet to cover the oodles of little things to be thankful for that tend to get …

Reduce Food Waste this Thanksgiving: Prep Less, Eat Less and Be Thankful for Enough

food waste

Thanksgiving is about counting our blessings and taking the time to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. However, we should all be careful not to take that sentiment too far, turning an appreciation for what we have into an unnecessary practice of gluttony, excess and, ultimately, waste.

Here is why food waste is a problem, especially during Thanksgiving, and what you should do to avoid becoming part of staggering food waste statistics.

Sure, Thanksgiving is a time to go little overboard with what you consume, but …

You are Special… and so is Everyone Else


You are special. I am special. We all are special creatures. So why is it that some of us think we’re better than others?

I’m a Mom now and I understand the temptation of applauding every single thing my daughter does. Whether it’s eating all of her food or the other end of that equation, it’s hard not to praise her for things that aren’t really praise-worthy. Her grandparents, aunties and uncle think she’s the most adorable baby too. Her slightly older cousins fawn over her on FaceTime chats, trying to impress her …

5 Natural Perfumes That Actually Smell Great

Natural Perfume Girl

 You know that toxic-smelling, headache-inducing perfume cloud you sometimes unwittingly walk into? The one that leaves you momentarily (or longer) queasy and taken aback? That is synthetic fragrance and it is in everything from shampoos and skincare to baby care products. It is also, of course, the mainstay in conventional perfumes. Thankfully, natural perfumes that you’d actually want to wear are now an option.

Synthetic Fragrance 411

Let’s back up to that nausea-provoking synthetic fragrance for a moment. A mainstream perfume is concocted of  a combination of synthetic ingredients. A …

Unfeminist Barbie: From Food Restriction to Female Incompetence

Vintage Barbie

Barbie may not be the most feminist-friendly toy of modern day, but she sure has come a long way from when she first stepped onto the toy scene. Sure, her looks are still unattainable, but at least the food restriction Barbie accessories are now off the market.

In 1963, Mattel, Barbie’s maker, released Barbie accessories sold under the name, “Slumber Party.” The accessories in this Barbie kit included a pink nightgown and pajamas, and some rollers. Also: A book.

“Nice, a book,” you may be thinking. Well, contain your joy and get …