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Spanx for Men: A Brief Trend or Bare Necessity?

Dude, got your squeeze for Saturday night? No, not your date, mister; your girdle and slimming undershirt! I know what you are thinking. Spanx; I needed that! I needed tummy control and penis definition. And even those of you who don’t truly need it, those with tight abs and buns, might […]

Between the Lines: The Stranger

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. When I was 21, I set sail on an old cargo ship for Europe and North Africa. Two years prior, I’d finished college in Italy, had backpacked Europe and Tunisia by myself, and had finally come back to Cape Cod – as you might imagine, […]

Foodie Underground: Cupcake Revolution

In a down economy, we’ve seen lots of underground food trends take off. Limited budgets have forced people to get creative, both with what they buy and what they make at home. Just look at the rise in DIY markets; people are clamoring for goods that support their neighbor instead […]

The Real Reason You See Faces in Things

If you see faces in things where no one else does, congratulations! You’re neurotic. Welcome to the club. Here, have a t-shirt. Yep, seeing faces in inanimate objects is a thing. It’s called pareidolia, and recent research from the NNT Communication Science Laboratory in Tokyo suggests people who think their […]

Smart Running Shoes Vibrate to Indicate Direction

 If you have no sense of direction, these vibrating running shoes may be the answer. Have you had this happen before? You’re mapping a long run out before you go. You want your route to include inspiring views, little traffic, no hills, and the necessary distance. You’ve got it all planned […]

Thirsty Trees Drink Up Contaminated Water from Superfund Site

Trees – is there anything they can’t do? Besides producing oxygen, preventing erosion, providing wood and fiber for human use and mopping up carbon dioxide, trees are being used to clean up contaminated water from Superfund sites. It’s called phytoremediation. Just 25 miles south of Chicago, a sizable supply of […]

Miriam González Durántez Does Pro Bono for London Fashion Week

Green-focused fashion just got a lot more political with international trade lawyer and wife of the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg’s wife Miriam González Durántez, joining London Fashion Week at the launch of EcoLuxe. While EcoLuxe is a new initiative that promotes high-end environmentally friendly fashion designers and brands, the […]

The Historic Lassiter House Awaits Its Fate

Another historic gem from the Modernist era is threatened with demolition. The Lassiter House, built by A.G. Odell in 1952, is the oldest known Modernist residence in Charlotte, North Carolina. The original owners, who worked with the architect on the design, put the house on the market last year but […]

Natural SPF Oils: Do They Provide Real UV Protection?

With spring’s arrival, and summer quickly approaching, sunscreen is a hot topic. Many are touting the SPF effects of natural oils. Sounds good, but is it too good to be true? We know that personal care products sans chemicals are better for our skin and health. This goes for sunscreen […]

How to Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste

Seeing as we put toothpaste directly in our mouth, you’d think it would be one product that’s always chemical free. Use this DIY toothpaste recipe for a bright smile without the chemicals and toxic ingredients added to the mix. Herbal toothpaste brands are a step in the right direction, but […]

Shop Wisely with Rising Tide Fair Trade

I’m a big believer in Mies van der Rohe’s dictum "less is more". I’d much prefer that you use what already hangs in your closet. And as much as the lesser green in me would love to encourage you to buy a newer, cooler version of this or that, the […]

Recipe: Honey Walnut Butter Chocolate Bark

The peanut butter cup gets a new look. For a dessert, I often take walnuts, drizzle them with honey, add a few chocolate chips and call it a night. I then got to thinking how such a combo would work as a variation of the classic peanut butter cup, only […]

Plan a Trip to Europe’s 8 Most Luxurious Eco Spa Resorts

Before summer disappears completely, maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Europe. When you stay in one of these luxurious European eco spa resorts, you’ll never need a “vacation from your vacation”. Perfectly situated to explore Europe’s most beloved regions from Tuscany to Spain’s Costa Blanca, imagine coming back from […]

Swimsuit Staple: The One Piece

It is officially summer and swimsuit season is upon us! Have no fear if you didn’t make it to the gym quite as often as you would have liked to this spring, because this summer it is all about the one piece. Form flattering shapes with cut-out detailing that add […]

Grocery Shopping for One: The Single Girl’s Guide to Not Overbuying

Grocery shopping as a single gal is challenging to say the least. Here’s how to shop healthy while reducing food waste. Grocery stores are setup to cater to families and Godzilla-sized portions, so until someone opens a chain specifically for single people (somebody please, I’m begging you!), we have to […]

Sex by Numbers: A Very Blue Hawaii

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers. 1 minute: Length of the first Magic Mike trailer to feature full male nudity, released this week 112: Age of recently discovered notes from a failed Antarctic expedition describing the “depraved” behavior of Adelie penguins, including apparent acts of necrophilia […]

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Vegan Men Are About to Get More Stylish

So, your boyfriend wants to be fashionable (and what dapper, smart man wouldn’t want to look good when he’s attached to your arm). But your dude seems to be having trouble finding attractive menswear that’s also vegan and sustainable. Needless to say, he often times comes away from a promising […]

6 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles for Fall

The hottest accessory for your fall wardrobe? Those perfectly fashionable and flirty cute ponytail hairstyles, of course. Check out our 6 favorite ponytails for fall and rock your favorite, or all 6, with your fabulous fall outfits. 1. The Power Ponytail Pictured above, the power ponytail is a combination of […]

Bill Nye’s Abortion Talk is Amazing [Video]

We already thought Bill Nye was a cool guy. But after watching the following video, we think he’s pretty much the best guy ever. In the video below, Bill Nye says some amazing things about a woman’s right to have an abortion. Related on EcoSalon Bill Nye Wants You to […]

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This Subscription Box is Every Cat Lady’s Dream Come True

Get your cat lady on with this genius subscription box service. When most people think “cat lady,” they picture some reclusive, frizzy-haired woman who wears burlap. Ew, right? Thankfully for us, there’s a fellow cat lady named Dorian Wagner who hopes to change all that. (You may have heard of […]

Here’s Why You Need to Go Biodynamic Wine Tasting in Europe

Biodynamic wine tasting in Europe! What could be better? Strolling through vine covered rolling hills. Touring centuries-old cellars. Winding through the narrow passageways of ancient medieval hilltop towns. It’s romantic. Enchanting. Think chateaux, manicured gardens and river cruises – experiences that pair beautifully with biodynamic wines that sing out of the […]