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Green Dentistry: Pioneer Fills a Gap in the Field

They said a dental office had to be a bland and benign, pastel-painted suite, where soothing visuals meant polyester contract furniture, framed school degrees and prints of egrets wading in marshlands. It’s all so relaxing until you inhale the fumes of old decay being excavated by a rotating drill bit […]

The Easy, Elegant & Eco-Friendly Terrarium

If you thought the Hand-Blown Glass Pears and the Magical Air Plant Garden that we recently featured were cute, you’ll be delighted to discover that VivaTerra has hit the mark yet again by blending both of these creative concepts in appealing (and green!) style. With the Recycled Glass Terrarium, all […]

Flaunt Your Figure with Frei

Sometimes, the complexities of fashion boil down to just one word: fit. We’ve all seen that gorgeous dress, looming in decadent splendor on the botique floor, only to try it on and – flop. Frei Designs aim to provide unparalleled fit, inspired by deep study of the history of dress. […]

United We Share: Collective Consumption For the Greater Good

For all those environmentalists, humanitarians, and general do-gooders of the world, the future can seem wrought with strife. An overpopulated planet battling for scarce resources while the wealthy consume far and beyond their fair share. But EcoSalon’s own Beth Buczynski presents a far more positive outlook in her new book “Sharing is […]

Handpicked: Somace

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week it’s the modern pacific musings of Isla Schmidt from Somace. Isla […]

Lustables: Couple Themed Throw Pillows

You two lovebirds really are disgusting, it’s enough to make me hurl (these throw pillows at you). If you and your lover are snuggle bunnies, you might be compelled to buy these throw pillows, created by the mother-daughter artisan duo kstudio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And we wouldn’t blame you. […]

10 Make-Ahead Vegetarian Appetizers for Your Halloween Party

Simple, seasonal vegetarian appetizers that you can easily prepare in advance.  When it comes to party planning, the more that can be done in advance, the better. No one likes standing in the kitchen the day of an event, stressed and wondering what to feed people. Hosting a Halloween party […]

Fiber Watch: The Sartorial Sting of Nettles

The look, the feel of nettle. If you’ve ever walked through a patch of nettles or accidentally brushed your arm on them, you might think twice about wearing a plant that gives you a painful, burning tingle. But think about this: nettle textiles actually competed strongly with the ubiquitous cotton […]

Hudson Furniture's Contemporary Heirlooms

Hudson Furniture is an eco lover’s dream (we can’t get enough). The company sculpts stunning contemporary furniture like this Plexi Coffee Table, a  slab of organic walnut fused with a clean plexiglass base. Founder Barlas Baglar works with embassies and consulates to legally export the wood worldwide. The harvested species include […]

Chop Chop, It's Christmas!

Am I the only one who doesn’t get warm and fuzzy about cutting down trees for a few weeks of decoration and then kicking them unceremoniously to the curb? Christmas: the official chopping block of evergreens everywhere. It’s one thing to bring home a sapling from Santa’s Qwik Gro tree […]

Now & Then: The Fashion Eccentrics

Fashion eccentrics like the late Anna Piaggi flouted the rules of conventional fashion. “Good taste is the worst vice ever invented,” Dame Edith Sitwell famously declared. We can only wonder what the unconventional poet would’ve made of today’s fashion magazines, and their endless style guides proffering hints, tips, dos, dont’s […]

When Scent and Metal Join Forces

What we consider a stand out piece is one that wows us with either how inventive or just plain beautiful it is. In today’s case, the collaboration of D.S. & Durga and Erica Weiner covers both areas. This beautiful locket is reminiscent of the days when Victorian “Vinaigrettes” in perforated […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup to Get a ‘Corn Sugar’ Name Makeover?

The Corn Refiners Association has applied to change the name of high fructose corn syrup to “corn sugar” – gee, I wonder why?! According to a NY Times article, proponents of the change believe that this name more accurately reflects the nature of the syrup noting that the substance contains […]

Is it ‘Global Warming’ or is it ‘Climate Change’?

How do you describe the bizarre weather patterns and environmental issues sending our planet into a tailspin? Do you call it “global warming?” Or do you prefer “climate change?” True story: Earlier this week over on our sister website, Organic Authority I had just finished up an article about the […]

The Other Side of Sexism and the Return of The Sacred Masculine

While all the hubbub around Seth McFarlane’s Oscar homage to sexism was bouncing around the country, I experienced another side of men here in Los Angeles—one I’m willing to call the return of the Sacred Masculine. I’ve been calling it the best men-are-awesome ten days ever: Overlapping the Oscars, I […]

A Conscious Thanksgiving Dinner: 6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Meal

Tips for ensuring your Thanksgiving dinner is as conscious as it can be.  No matter who sits down at your Thanksgiving dinner table – the gluten intolerant, the semi-vegetarian, the raw foodist, the vegan, the grain-free, the passionate Paleo, the lactose avoider – you want to have some options. This […]

5 Crazy Things You Could Do With A Self-Driving Car

Multiple companies are now developing and testing driver-less cars. EcoSalon takes a light-hearted look at how a self-driving car could change your life. As a freelancer, I’m used to working pretty much anywhere I can find a plug and a strong WiFi connection. The only place I really can’t work […]

Fashionable Bicycles You Can Also Use for Home Decor

20 sexy bikes you can ride and use for home decorating. Bikes are meant for riding, but there are certain storage issues to consider, too. The following was actually surveyed and cited by the Smithsonian Institution, so there’s some gravitas for you. Evidently, 73 percent Americans use a garage, and […]

Soon to Be Fueled By Our Collective Hot Air

Imagine capturing the CO2 people exhale and converting it into biofuel to power diesel vehicles and heating systems. It’s all part of an experiment that’s taking place at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport in the UK. The Eco-Box, designed by scientists from Origo Industries, works by capturing CO2 through a […]

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Healthy Sunscreen Ingredients: What You Want in an SPF

Chemical sunscreens, vitamin A, parabens, phthalates, petro-chems. At this point, it’s safe to say you know what you don’t want in a sunscreen. But have you thought about what you do want in a natural sunscreen? It is not just about avoiding this nasty chemical or that risky ingredient. Think […]

5 Fall Colors to Wear This Autumn

Fall is creeping up on us, you guys! And that means you’ll soon begin to wear different colors… fall colors. And while the cooler months used to mean “it’s time to start dressing drab,” that’s not so this year. Fall 2015 is filled with all sorts of beautiful hues to […]

The Real Reason You See Faces in Things

If you see faces in things where no one else does, congratulations! You’re neurotic. Welcome to the club. Here, have a t-shirt. Yep, seeing faces in inanimate objects is a thing. It’s called pareidolia, and recent research from the NNT Communication Science Laboratory in Tokyo suggests people who think their […]

Plan a Trip to Europe’s 8 Most Luxurious Eco Spa Resorts

Before summer disappears completely, maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Europe. When you stay in one of these luxurious European eco spa resorts, you’ll never need a “vacation from your vacation”. Perfectly situated to explore Europe’s most beloved regions from Tuscany to Spain’s Costa Blanca, imagine coming back from […]

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The Mexican Gray Wolf Needs You: Speak Up for the Essential Lobo

#LoboWeek, March 23 – 29, will harness the power of social media to educate the public about threats to the survival of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, or lobo, the most genetically distinct gray wolf subspecies in North America. Advocating for wolves’ rights to live as they should—wild, free […]

8 Nuggets of Wisdom from the ‘Advanced Style’ Ladies

I just watched what, in my humble opinion, is likely one of the best documentaries available on Netflix. Its title is “Advanced Style,” and it’s something I feel compelled to share with every woman I know. “Advanced Style” opens on a gentleman with a camera, seeking out well-dressed older women […]