7 Bird Design Trends for Birds of a Feather (Lovers)

Crown influenced by bird designed.

Spread your wings with the feather and bird design trend.

Both birds and feathers have long been used to decorate our homes and adorn our bodies–images of birds were even found among the cave paintings at Lascaux, France that date back to 15,000 BCE. Birds and feathers invoke the natural world and the freedom and beauty of flight and their image is one that has held meaning for our species for a very long time.

It only makes sense that we want to decorate our homes and choose fashions that feature bird-themed …

3 Big Reasons for Eating Bentonite Clay (Seriously)


Bentonite clay is food? Yup.

When Shailene Woodley recently revealed that she ingests clay for its supposed health benefits, it was like the whole world turned primal and sought out the ancient practice. But are these health benefits for real? The answer is yes, but of course, that doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and start gnawing on clay pots whenever the opportunity presents itself. Instead, ingest with caution and you may benefit greatly. Here are three major ways your body will thank you.

When you purchase dietary clay, go …

NYC’s Horse Drawn Carriage Cruelty Could be Replaced by ‘Vintage’ Electric Cars

horse carriage

As Mayor Bill de Blasio works to ban Central Park’s horse drawn carriages, activists have unveiled a model of a vintage antique styled electric car to replace it. It’s called the Horseless ECarriage and it was commissioned by the animal rights group NY Class.

The cars were designed to present the “old world” character of horse drawn carriages sans animal cruelty. The mayor says that the horses are being treated inhumanely. According to NY Class, these 220 horses routinely work 9 hour days on hard pavement, pulling a vehicle that weighs hundreds …

Get Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Look for Less (We Cracked the Code!)


Hair stylist Chaz Dean promises gorgeous and super manageable hair with his Wen hair care subscription service shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The before and after images speak for themselves: shiny, no mess hair that lasts between washes. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bedhead will only get you so far in life. We all want smooth and manageable hair if for no other reason than convenience. Who really has the time to deal with frizzy, out of control locks?  But you don’t need to spend $30 or more a month on Chaz Dean’s Wen …

Reduced Hay Fever Symptoms: One More Reason to Love Probiotics

pollen photo

Can taking probiotics reduce hay fever symptoms?

Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in dealing with regularity, colicky babies, weight loss, and staving off infection. It seems amping up your immune system with the aid of probiotics can do a lot for our overall health. And now, a new study has shown that seasonal allergy sufferers who took probiotics had significant relief from itchy eyes.

The study included 435 allergy sufferers already being treated with antihistamines. One group was given the probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei and the other group was given a …

5 National Parks You’ll Want to Visit if You Love Action Movies

death valley

National parks are already vacation worthy, but now you have more reasons to go.

Spice up a vacation itinerary by visiting places you’ve already seen on the silver screen. The films on this list used national parks as backdrops to some unforgettable scenes. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create your own adventure once you get there.

1. “Star Wars: A New Hope” (1977) For some of us there are still only three “Star Wars” films. Part of the reason we cling so heartily to the original trilogy is …

Fashion Revolution Day: A Year After Rana Plaza, Turning Fast Fashion Inside Out

fashion revolution day

April 24, 2013 was a horrifying day in fashion history. The catastrophic events of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh have sparked a momentous movement a year later. That day is now known as Fashion Revolution Day.

More than 1,100 garment workers—a third of those who entered the clothing factories that morning in Bangladesh—died in the collapse of the massive eight-story building. Ordered to come to work despite the warnings that cracks found in the building the day before could lead to an imminent collapse, the fashion industry demands flew in …

7 Earth Day Inspired, Guilt-Free Products that Make It Easy to Love Mother Earth

Just in time for Earth Day, some of our favorite names in eco fashion are springing forth with new lines this season. But you can step out in guilt-free designer gear and support companies who support Mother Earth any day of the year.

Earth Day celebrates and promotes the greening of cities and communities worldwide. It’s a big-picture holiday that you can participate in year round by virtue of the small choices you make on a daily basis. The daily question of “what to wear” can have a tremendous impact on Mother Earth, as the garments you wear contribute to your carbon footprint.

These stylish, sustainable eco fashion designers can help you make every day an Earth Day, straight out of your own closet.