Talking ‘Hello Barbie’ Doll Is Basically the Stuff of Nightmares

Talking 'Hello Barbie' Doll Is Basically the Stuff of Nightmares

Shouldn’t ‘Hello Barbie’ really be named ‘Backstabbing Barbie’?

Barbie has gotten a lot of flak over the years. From her body shape to her career choices to her taste in men, she’s more controversial than most celebrities—and there’s way more to come. Mattel, along with San Francisco startup ToyTalk, is set to release ‘Hello Barbie’ this fall, a talking Barbie that has real conversations with kids and—like a parrot from hell—remembers everything the child has ever said.

“Mattel has always been at the forefront of …

5 Simple Steps to a Personal Style All Your Own

Personal Style, How to Cultivate Your Own in 5 Simple Steps

Looking for that special something? That je ne sais quoi certain women seem to be born with? If mad fashion skills aren’t in your genes, never fear. You can easily cultivate your own personal style.

You know her. That woman that always seems to look good. Whether going to a show or coming from the gym, she is always put together.

What does she have that you don’t? One thing. She’s mastered her personal style.

And you can too. Following are five things you need …

Ladies: Please Love the Labia You Have

Uniformity isn't hot. That's why we really don't dig vaginal plastic surgery.

These days, a growing number of women are choosing to alter how their genitals look by choosing to have labiaplasty, a type of plastic surgery that alters the appearance of the labia. Typing that last sentence makes me and my labia very sad.

Throughout the past year, I’ve seen multiple pieces about vaginal tightening, clitoral hood reduction, “laser vaginal bleaching,” and labiaplasty. Apparently, this up-tick in articles about designer vaginas wasn’t just a coincidence — some of these cosmetic procedures are being …

The Amazon Rainforest Can’t Digest as Much Carbon as We Thought

The Amazon Rainforest Can’t Digest As Much Carbon As We Thought

What happens when the Amazon Rainforest has taken in its capacity of carbon?

We’ve long depended on the Amazon Rainforest to help us bear the brunt of climate change. That is–as carbon dioxide has dramatically accelerated, the forests of the world have taken in more carbon than they expel to help keep a balance. But new research shows that the Amazon Rainforest in particular has begun to reduce its uptake of carbon, according to The New York Times.

Researchers from the University of …

The Plain White Tee: On Trend


ColumnThe freshest, easiest and simplest trend for spring 2015 is the crisp and clean white tee. This plain garment can work wonders by sprucing up a casual denim look or bring a bit of street style edge to a dressier look. Check out our 7 favorite plain white tees in this edition of On Trend!

1. Livie Tee by Stateside

We LOVE the twist to this made in the USA simple white tee (pictured top) that’s adding just the perfect amount of aesthetic and sex appeal to make it fashionable and attractive. Wear it …

Natural SPF Oils: Do They Provide Real UV Protection?

Natural SPF Oils: Do They Provide Real UV Protection?

With spring’s arrival, and summer quickly approaching, sunscreen is a hot topic. Many are touting the SPF effects of natural oils. Sounds good, but is it too good to be true?

We know that personal care products sans chemicals are better for our skin and health. This goes for sunscreen too. Chemical sunscreens easily absorb into skin and are linked to hormonal disruption and skin allergies.

Natural minerals, like zinc oxide, provide serious sun protection and are not harmful to our health. There are other natural …

French Law to Require Green Roofs or Solar Panels on New Commercial Buildings

New French Law Requires Green Roofs or Solar Panels on New Commercial Buildings

France just passed a new law that will require all new buildings in commercial zones to be covered with green roofs or solar panels.

Environmental groups hope to reduce the energy costs of commercial buildings while creating an urban jungle in the world’s most beloved city of progress.

According to The Guardian:
The law approved by parliament was more limited in scope than initial calls by French environmental activists to make green roofs that cover the entire surface mandatory …

Buy Levi’s 501 Jeans and Limit Your Water Usage

Levis tries to keep water usage down when creating its jeans.

Levi’s jeans are pretty sustainable. Don’t believe us? The company recently calculated just how much water it takes to produce its jeans. All in all, the water usage it takes to make a pair of the company’s jeans is rather low.

According to Levi’s “Life Cycle Assessment,” it only takes 2,835 liters of water to produce a pair of the company’s popular 501 jeans. The company has been able to curb its water usage in a number of ways:

The company works …