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20 Ways to Boost Circulation

Learn to make your body go more with the flow. Nothing slows you down quite like poor blood circulation does. If you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your cells, in an effective and efficient way, then you’ll most likely feel sluggish, look worn and tired, and perhaps even be covering […]

Craft Moment: Recycled Rolls

This may sound strange but I actually get  a sense of accomplishment from changing an empty roll of toilet paper. Often at a party or while a guest at a friend’s house I secretly hope the t.p. will run out while I’m in the bathroom so that I can replace […]

Bergmönch: the Bicycle That Sends You Packing

The rumors are true: the bicycle industry is folding. As much as I love being out and about on my mountain bike, there’s one experience above all that affirms my love for it…and that’s when I arrive anywhere. I step off – padlock – I’m done. But even this hassle-free […]

Um…My Toothbrush Was Where?

  Let me be clear: I have a firm and unshakeable belief in the need to reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible. But it occurred to me recently that there might be some things – due to their massive and inescapable skeeve factor – that simply should not be rinsed […]

Tastes Great. A Little Twangy.

Yes, it’s true. It’s possible to love both Hank Williams and fancy food made with organic vegetables. When I lived in New York City, I never met so many people who shell out as much cash for dinner at Nobu as they do for Dwight Yoakam concert tickets. Or who […]

Heinz: When It Comes to Awards, It’s Got to Be Green

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Heinz food company. It’s been around since 1869, providing generation after generation with ketchup, baked beans and hundreds of other food products. But have you heard of the annual Heinz Awards? Set up in 1993 by the Heinz Family Philanthropies to honor the memory of […]

Can’t Focus? 7 Tricks to Help You Get It All Done

When you can’t focus, it pretty much feels like the sky is falling. Not being able to focus when you’re drowning in deadlines is basically one of the worst feelings ever. First comes the panic, then the stress sweating, then the cat videos, then more stress sweating over the guilt […]

All The Pretty Clotheshorses

We are big believers in hang drying our clothes as an easy way to save energy after washing. Sadly, the image of your grandmother’s bloomers blowing in the breeze is what most people think about when they think of line drying their clothes. The clever design minds behind Casamania by […]

Recipe: A Toast Of Trumpets

New York City mushroom hunting and recipe tips. This summer many of my friends in Sweden bragged about the number of baskets of yellow chanterelles they carried home from the woods. I came home with none. But I smiled along and remembered last year, when I couldn’t carry home all […]

Donna Karan Takes the Zen Approach

Donna Karan, whom many know as the famously successful clothing designer, has gone far above and beyond her call to duty. Karan recently donated almost $1 million to Beth Israel Medical Center in New York for a Zen center that will provide holistic healing therapies to cancer patients, USA Today […]

Jesus Is an Environmentalist

What I know about Jesus is based solely on what I’ve heard and what I’ve read. My opinions on the man come from hearsay along with some good books, so to speak, that paint a fairly clear picture of his times and culture, if not of Him Himself. Unfortunately, when […]

Sex by Numbers: One-Night Stands

ColumnWhy buy the bull when you can just have it for sport? Sex by Numbers debuted only a few short months ago, and with it has come a veritable firestorm of fierce women flooding my inbox with stories and queries. Needless to say, you people are an impressive (and sometimes […]

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Get Your Holiday Cheer On With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Holiday Cheer Edition, features items that will make your holidays sparkle with all its might! Celebrate the most festive of seasons with a box of 25 glittering items from 15 fabulous brands – worth $466.95–all for just $129 + free shipping! Fa la la la la! The holiday season is officially in […]

7 Fab Adult Coloring Ideas and Projects for Your Inner Child

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines and pick up the creative pastime of adult coloring. No matter what you may have heard, no one actually outgrows coloring. Everyone likes to color– both kids and adults–it’s simply that some think they’ve grown too old to color. But, that really […]

5 Eco-Friendly Businesses to Visit This Black Friday: Friday Finds

Yes, it’s back Friday. Loads of box stores are hocking outrageous deals. But we know all of you would rather get your goods and wares from companies that have human beings and the Earth’s well-being in mind. So, for this week’s Friday Finds, we’ve rounded up 5 eco-friendly businesses you […]

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This Subscription Box is Every Cat Lady’s Dream Come True

Get your cat lady on with this genius subscription box service. When most people think “cat lady,” they picture some reclusive, frizzy-haired woman who wears burlap. Ew, right? Thankfully for us, there’s a fellow cat lady named Dorian Wagner who hopes to change all that. (You may have heard of […]

Get Gorgeous Winter Natural Beauty With EcoSalon’s The Box!

  EcoSalon’s Winter Natural Beauty Box features items that will keep that glow going strong! November is delightfully colorful and transitional, so celebrate one of the most beautiful months of the year with a box of 20 fabulous products from 11 magnificent brands – worth $438.30–all for just $129 + free shipping! November is here! It […]

5 Sailing Vacations Perfect for First-Time Sailors

Try these sailing vacations, perfect for first-time sailors, and discover why vacations (and life!) are sometimes better by boat. If you think summer is over – think again! Fall is the perfect time to book a sailing vacation. Crowds are gone. The water is still warm. Prices are low. Sea […]