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Oh, winter, you have been unusually cruel this year! But we’re ready to crawl out from the dark and cold and thaw at the very first hint of spring, which we know is just around the corner. The Spring Into Spring Box is here to help! This incredible care package features more than $483 worth of luxe goodies to help you shake winter off and welcome spring’s fertile winds. It’s all yours for just $129 + free shipping!

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Enjoy wonderfully delicious good-for-you foods at radically discounted prices, look stunning from the inside out and …

Cryotherapy: The Fitness Trend Where You (Literally) Freeze Your Ass Off

Cryotherapy: The Fitness Trend Where You (Literally) Freeze Your Ass Off

How low would you go for a fitter bod… temperature-wise, that is? For fans of Cryotherapy, they’re willing to go colder than Antarctica. Naked.

The latest fitness trend that’s… well, trending, is Cryotherapy, a weight-loss technique that makes the weather we’re dealing with now seem like tropical island temperatures. Up until now, this therapy has been used in surgery to remove diseased tissue, such as unwanted growths on the skin, and to help treat pain related to arthritis and fibromyalgia. Now, it’s become …

Trophy Husbands: Because All the Successful Women Do It

Successful women can now hitch trophy husbands.

Hey, successful women. Did you know that it’s the age of the trophy husband? For real. I don’t know if I should celebrate, or cry about this news…

OK, OK. Let me back up. In theory, this finding isn’t depressing.

Helen Fisher recently conducted a study for Match.com that mined the brains of single people. One of the findings the survey discovered was that men are totally cool with dating successful women. Also: More men — 87 percent — are cool with dating a woman who is …

This SoHo Consignment Shop Makes it Easy to Be Eco-Fabulous

This SoHo Consignment Shop Makes it Easy to Be Eco-Fabulous

It’s no secret that consignment shops can be fashion gold mines. “Is that a Dolce&Gabbana dress for $75?” Yes, dreams can come true. But beyond the wallet-friendly style porn of such establishments, the conversation is turning to the eco-chic side of vintage.

Fashion pathfinders have been going in this direction for a few years now, to reduce waste and introduce mission-focused elements to the way they conduct business, or the products they sell. Betabrand, among others, has a policy of creating creating seasonal, one-time …

Are Magic Mushrooms and Other Psychedelics the Trick to Better Health?

Are Magic Mushrooms and Other Psychedelics the Trick to Better Health?

When you get an email from Michael Pollan, you open it.

Ok, well it’s not like I’m receiving personal emails from Pollan (although one can always dream), but when we recently sent out an email with a link to some of his latest work, I was intrigued.

Pollan was sending out a link to his latest article in The New Yorker, The Trip Treatment, in which he takes a look at the new research into psychedelics, specifically the use of psilocybin, …

7 Winter Hair Tips to Stave Off Blizzard Head

7 Winter Hair Tips to Stave Off Blizzard Head

Over winter yet? Us too. Snow, blustery winds, and freezing rain have not only taken their toll on skin and psyche, but winter hair woes have set in too. These tips to battling blizzard head will ensure good hair days straight through to spring.

Feel your hair care efforts have become futile in the face of blizzard hair season? Ditch the chemical hair products and back away from the blow dryer. A few simple product and technique switch ups will buoy your ‘do straight …

Organic Beauty Talk Creator Launches Lifestyle Magazine

Organic Beauty Talk Brandie Gilliam Launches Thoughtfully Magazine

We love beauty, we love magazines, we love organics. But truly, there has been a lack of organic beauty magazines that cover the whole aspect of glamorous healthy living. Brandie Gilliam of Organic Beauty Talk tells us how her new magazine, Thoughtfully, fills that void. 

Green gals everywhere are familiar with online organic beauty hot spot Organic Beauty Talk. Hey, we listed the site as one of the 10 best beauty blogs, so you know it has to be good!

OBT founder Brandie Gilliam knows …

Organic Farming Increasing Globally

Organic Farming Increasing Globally

Organic farming commands more money. And in a time when farmers are suffering as a result of global climate change and unpredictable profits, it’s a welcomed addition to the farming industry.

Today, a growing number of consumers are looking for the organic label to ensure that foods are free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs and they’re willing to pay extra for foods that meet this need.

In all, 2 million of the world’s 1.5 billion farmers farm organically, with nearly 80 percent of it based in developing countries. This may …

Super Sweet Sustainable Sneakers for Spring (Because Warmer Weather IS Coming!): On Trend

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.04.19 PM

ColumnWe bet you are so ready for spring’s easy and breezy fashions, sunny days and lighter footwear! Check out our top picks for this season’s stylish and sustainable sneakers in this edition of On Trend, and get your sporty chic on.

1. Marcos Sneaker by MOVMT

These super cute and trendy sneakers are made from organic cotton canvas and vegan soles, making them animal and earth friendly. Wear them with your favorite cropped jeans to show off your ankles, or don them with your favorite sweatpants for a lazy day.