The Box is Back! Hot Summer Edition

The Box 2014 Summer edition

Get you summer groove on with EcoSalon’s The Box: Hot Summer Edition. This exclusive hand curated event features $415+ of the best in eco-chic summer fashion, beauty, wellness and warm-weather fun-in-the-sun gifts for only $129.00 + free shipping. That’s a 69%+ discount! 

The Box: Hot Summer Edition is filled with 13 brands, including all of your summer must-haves: easy-breezy eco-friendly clothing, a natural product to make your eyes-pop–without makeup, stylin’ treads in a rainbow of colors, fresh-scented natural perfume, a yummy product to support weight-loss, and more treats for inner and outer

Bike Hack: Here’s How to Wear a Skirt on a Bike Without Flashing Everyone

biking in a skirt photo

For the ladies who want to look cute as they bike to work or out for the evening, keeping a dress or skirt in check can be a real bummer. This bike hack can help.

When bike riding is a part of your daily routine you get a built in work out, you don’t have to park, you don’t have to deal with a car, and you get to feel the breeze blowing through your hair.

Every morning, I ride my vintage sage beach cruiser to the coffee shop. …

Lastbutnotleast’s Upcycled Clothing Ideas Will Have You Thinking Twice About Cheap Fashion

Mannequin wearing Lastbutnotleast design

Hong Kong based upcycling brand, Lastbutnotleast, is stepping up to the plate to take a swing against mass production, inferior quality, and unethical working conditions with their inventive upcycled clothing ideas.

Today it’s almost too easy to go to a chain retail store and find an article of clothing for super cheap. You can find an item such as a shirt for as little as five or ten dollars. Fast fashion is an obscene epidemic the industry and more upcycled clothing ideas like Lastbutnotleast are changing the way we …

The Beard Identity: What Growing a Beard Taught Me About Gender Roles (and Maybe Even Race)

The Beard Identity: What Growing a Beard Has Taught Me About Gender Roles (and Maybe Even Race)

I had no idea that growing a beard meant diving (beard first) into a conversation about societal constructs. Who knew facial hair could make such a difference?

So, I’m a white guy, and being a white guy means being relatively free to do and be whatever I want without fear of being treated differently — let alone facing real, toxic discrimination — based on the way I look. It’s not fair, but it’s largely the truth.

One of my only …

DIY Summer ‘Do: How to Get Beachy Waves in 5 Simple Steps

Woman's beachy waves

Here’s how to get beachy waves – minus the beach.

Who doesn’t love the effortless, laid-back look of beachy waves? They’re super-easy to create and achievable for practically every hair type. It’s a timeless hairstyle that will never lose its luster – best of all, you can score this look in the comfort of your own home.

“Any woman whose hair is past their collar bone to mid-back has a perfect length to achieve beachy waves,” says hair expert and celebrity stylist Jin Bang. “It takes a little more prep …

From ‘Chappelle’s Show’ to ‘Girls’: 7 Streaming TV Comedies for When You’re Feeling Blue

I Love Lucy art

Feeling blue? Take a few hours and indulge in some comedy therapy. The following streaming TV comedies are available to stream and will help get you out of your funk by the third episode.

Streaming on Netflix

1. “Parks and Recreation”: “Parks and Rec” is probably my favorite network comedy. I’m a huge fan of Amy Poehler and her incredibly earnest character, Leslie Knope. The cast of characters in this small town political comedy show is top notch, and every season is just as good, …

Is Organic Food Better? Foodie Underground


ColumnWhen we think of organic food, we have to think about more than our personal health. Is organic food better for us? 

I remember a couple of years ago scrolling through my Facebook feed after the latest study on whether or not organic food provided more health benefits than conventionally grown produce, and reading a comment that a friend had written, “I now feel completely vindicated for NOT buying organic foods.”

That line has stuck with me. I think about it often.

Recently there was more fuel to add to that fire, in the form …

5 One Piece Swimsuits for Sizzlin’ Summer Days

odina swimsuit

Make a splash this July in one of our top 5 swimsuits for those sweltering hot summer days!

Eco-friendly swimsuits and bikinis are making their way to the mainstream in a big way this summer, with our favorite brands offering up a range of styles and colors that are right on trend. From sultry maillots, barely there cut-outs, and more modest tube suits and halters, eco chic swimsuits are your ticket to a cool and conscious poolside or beach experience.

7 Home Decorating Tips to Add the Spirit of a Cabin to Your Home

Home Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Cabin

Cabin life is slower, more relaxing, and a welcome alternative to the everyday hustle of normal life. These seven cabin-inspired home decorating tips will bring the spirit of the cabin into your space. Do you yearn for the casual, outdoorsy feeling of the cabin lifestyle? Try these home decorating tips even if you live in the middle of the city.