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Ayn Rand’s John Galt Stretches Out with Lululemon

Lululemon’s Atlas Shrugged-inspired bags give double meaning to the Hero Pose. If you commute, you’ve probably seen women carrying lunch or a change of shoes in a bright red reusable bag with white messages about drinking water and doing scary things alongside figures in yoga poses. This is the signature […]

A Toxic Tumble

I’d always had a gut feeling that those laboratory-cocktail laundry scents were toxic. When I would go for a run and smell dryer sheets or fabric softeners waft by, my cheeks felt as if they were on fire and my nose would run. Now there’s scientific proof that my physical […]

From Waste to Wonder

Looks sure can be deceiving, but not always in the way that you think. Antakarana artisans reverse this phrase’s negative connotation as they unite in an eco effort to make use of waste. These creative single mothers from Colombia take pride in the fact that their chic Something Old, Something […]

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby

Just how earthy are you? Do you grow hair under your arms? Do you wear gentle muslin Mary Janes? Do you frequent farmers’ markets with your own hemp shoulder satchels overflowing with sunflowers and kale? If you passed the test, then you might be in the market for the newest […]

Cycle Chic: Stylish Bike Gear to Get You Pedaling in Style

Stylish cycling gear that will keep you feeling safe and looking chic all summer long. We’re all about alternative transportation here at EcoSalon, and summer is the perfect time to get out that bike and start pedaling around the streets. To help you do that in style, we’ve gathered some […]

Instagram Gets Physical In a Dozen Ways

Manifesting Instagram from digital cool into physical memory. In a far more brilliant treatise that I could ever give, writer/designer/genius Craig Mod describes the process of transforming digital content into physical goods as “going from boundless to bounded. A space without implicit edges to one composed entirely of edges.” As […]

5 Style Mistakes Not to Make, Ever, Period, Just Don’t

Five style mistakes you should never make. You know how, at the beginning of each new season, you vow you’re going to break your habits from last year? You’re not going to wear that shapeless cotton dress because you can sleep in it. You’re going to wear those new sandal […]

Tobacco Companies Cleaning Up Their Act (But It's Still an Act)

Three words: Eco-friendly cigarette. Oh, don’t worry, we haven’t seen one yet. But it’s heading that way. And why not? There’s enormous scope for "greening" cigarette production. There’s already a move towards getting some brands of cigarettes included in the Fair Trade movement. There’s room for recycled paper and less […]

41 Life-Changing Experiences for Every Bucket List

What have you always dreamed of doing? What’s on your bucket list? What life-changing experiences must you check off before you die? We all want to live a fulfilling life–to be happy and carefree. Here’s my list of life-changing experiences that should be on your bucket list: 41 Life-Changing Experiences 1. Live at an […]

12 Weird Things Women Do to Their Vaginas

Seriously, what did our vaginas ever do to us? Ever since back in the day when pubic hair became uncool, women have been doing some pretty batshit things to make their vaginas feel better, look prettier and smell like anything other than a vagina. It turns out there are even […]

10 Dinner Party Etiquette Rules, Vintage Style

Some hilarious, but still-appropriate vintage etiquette rules to improve your dinner parties. Just how do you properly host a dinner party? There was a time when throwing a dinner party meant more than sending a mass text to your girlfriends, asking them to bring the wine and cheese. While casual […]

ALAS: Sustainable Cotton Sleepwear from Australia

Sleep well in cute sustainable cotton sleepwear by Australian label ALAS, now available in the U.S. Aside from sleeping in the buff, stylish organic cotton sleepwear is the next best thing.  We’ve been smitten with the cute pieces by Australian sleepwear label ALAS (which stands for All Light All Shadow) […]

Foodie Underground: Hyperlocal Food Tours in Boulder

ColumnLocal Table Tours in Boulder show us why this Colorado town is a foodie hotspot. Food tourism is nothing new, after all, how long have people gone to Paris in search of fresh baguettes? But as the internet continues to make the world seemingly smaller and inexpensive air travel flourishes, culinary tourism […]

Vinyl Fetish? The Music Never Stops

Not too long ago we told you about some ecologically friendly ways to go – literally, as in how to do away with that pretty corpse of yours in a manner that’s best for the environment. Some of those options were for those of you interested in the eco-ashes to […]

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5 Best Ways to Combat Burnout, Naturally

Burnout is a problem sweeping the country — the desire to do everything and do it well is one that we can all sympathize with, and no matter how hard it is to admit it, we can’t do it all, and stress can take its toll. Often, our bodies serve as the […]

Margot Robbie Thinks Sexism is Too Common [Video]

We all know that sexism is rampant in Hollywood, but it’s also prolific in journalism, too. Well, those two worlds collided a while ago when a Vanity Fair reporter wrote a creepy feature about Margot Robbie. Luckily, Robbie got the last laugh. Listen to her talk about that interview… Related […]

How to Shop Green Beauty Online Like a Pro

Unless you are fortunate enough to have the likes of NYC green beauty shops nearby, you likely shop online. Confused over color choices? Mystified by skin care options? Perplexed with pricing? Here’s how to shop green beauty online like a pro. You are committed to nontoxic beauty. Still, sometimes you […]

5 Summer Whites to Wear Before Labor Day: Friday Finds

Okay, ladies. Labor Day is slowly creeping into view. And after that, wearing white won’t be so high on your priority list. Reap the benefits of these last few weeks of summer and grab any one—or all—of these perfect, late summer whites now. 1. White summer vests Ah, the trendy, […]

Bernie Sanders Killed it at the DNC [Video]

Bernie Sanders is a true, class act. On Tuesday night, Sanders made it official that Hillary Clinton was the democratic party’s nominee for the president of the United States. Sanders knew how important the occasion was, too. After all, this is the first time a woman has achieved the nomination […]

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Diplomatico Rum: Your New Favorite Liquor is Sustainable and Delicious

Looking for a happy hour choice that’s as sustainable as it is delicious? Diplomatico Rum may be the answer. This Venezuelan rum is made by one of the only liquor companies in the world to have earned the ISO 14001 certification, a prestigious recognition that helps provide practical tools for […]

Are Mushrooms the New Packing Peanuts?

In 2010, Eben Bayer, co-founder of Evocative, announced that mushrooms were about to become the new packing peanuts – but what has happened to this miracle of modern industry since then? What is Myco Foam? Myco Foam, an organic adhesive made of mycelium, a living, growing organism, is hitting the market […]

Have a Happy Home: the Psychology of Interior Design

Living a better and more efficient life begins at home, which is why the psychology of interior design is so vitally important to creating a happy home. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, residential interior design is a multifaceted field that often involves various stages of renovating, remodeling, and […]

Urban Gardens May Be the Key to Solving America’s Crime Problem

Urban gardens are certainly a welcome addition to cityscapes, but that’s not all they are; new research shows that an increased presence of parks and other urban green spaces can actually reduce crime in the surrounding area. While this field of research is relatively young, a few distinct examples have proven the ways […]