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Soccer Sunshine: Game On in Africa’s Largest Slum

The World Cup finals are Sunday and, if you’re like me, you’ll think nothing of picking up the remote and tuning into the game. In fact, as usual, I probably won’t think much of flipping a lot of switches this weekend – my coffee-maker, laptop, electric lights; hell, my Prius, […]

Weird Science: Why Are CFL Light Bulbs Shaped Funny?

What is going on with the shape of lightbulbs these days? Take the reassuringly familiar incandescent light bulb. In essence, the same design that Humphry Davy first unveiled in 1809 – two wires connected to a battery, touching the ends of a filament with high enough resistance to heat up […]

12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Made your New Year resolutions yet? Don’t forget your beauty kit. Get your routine streamlined and healthy for 2015 with these natural beauty resolutions. You’ve likely heard of the less is more approach to healthy beauty. As in, using fewer products means fewer ingredients on your skin. So true, but […]

Eco Style West Vol. 7

Sustainable style news from EcoSalon’s West Coast fashion correspondent. Spring Bliss – Warmer weather has finally arrived and the time to spring for this year’s go-to-special occasion dress is here. Some of the most striking sustainable options this season are from Palo Alto-based designer, Camilla Olson. A former venture capitalist who made […]

A Ghostly White Russian Recipe

  There’s something so elegant about a pure white cocktail and this White Russian recipe is the pinnacle of sophistication. Halloween can be about tricking and treating but it can also be about mystery and masquerade. This White Russian recipe floats eerily in a martini glass and makes a perfect […]

Have a Feminist Makeup Event Already!

I am a makeup enthusiast. I adore layering my face with various shadows and powders, and painting my lips in crazy colored hues. So, why do I love makeup so much? Because of how it makes me feel. While, yes, I wear makeup to look 
“better than usual” sometimes, I […]

A Tall Pair in a Quiet Corner

It’s no mystery to any of you that I love to brighten my home with as many flowers as possible, which, of course, means plenty of eco-friendly and vintage vases. I’ve featured stylish varieties made from sculpted ceramic, frosted recycled glass, bamboo shaped like a flask and more, but, I’ve […]

In Search of an Oxford of a Certain Size

Shoes they come and shoes they go, but once in a while you want something that stands out. There will always be the perfect black pump, the brown or black tall boot and the go-to flats with your very own toe impressions (they’re that go-to). But this fall women are […]

9 Vegan Handbags to Take Your Spring Look From Drab to Fab

Whether you live exclusively cruelty-free or don’t hold that as a priority, the beauty of these vegan handbags is in more than just the way they look – everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, can enjoy carrying one (or two or three) of these around town. With spring in full bloom […]

Eco Links to Green Your Weekend

Here’s a whole new kind of scam – pretending to be exposing an animal rights outrage. As greenUPGRADER reports, the “Human Society Of America” (there’s no such organization) claims to have exposed the appalling use of kittens are shark-bait (not true) and are asking for donations to give to animal […]

6 Ways to Zip It When You Talk Too Much

If you talk too much and just can’t seem to help yourself, try these handy tricks. Hey, tangents happen to the best of us—especially when we’re talking about something we’re super passionate about. But if you find the only time you’re not on a tangent is when you’re unconscious, or […]

Death Rate of Forests Doubles, Scientists Find

Imagine if the death rate in your neighborhood doubled. You’d notice. Scientists are concerned by the ominous results of a 50-year study of forests in the Western United States that finds the tree death rate has doubled since 1991. But why? For once, loggers aren’t to blame. This isn’t industry. […]

16 Ways to Survive the Cold When You Hate Winter

Hate winter? These survival tips will help you hate it a weensy bit less. Winter’s back bitches, and it’s colder than ever – at least, that’s how it feels to those of us who hate winter. I know, I know: Hot chocolate! Snow angels! But here’s the thing: Dry skin! […]

Music Monday: Restless Summer

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Restless Summer might just be our summer soundtrack. A mix of indie tracks and remixes, it’s everything you could ever want from a summer playlist. Just as fitting for an afternoon driving with the windows down as for an outdoor party on a balmy […]

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Your Body May Not be as Old as You Think [Video]

You’ve probably heard that your body regenerates itself every seven years. Well, it turns out that statement is only partially true. But similar to most facts about human bodies, the truth is a lot more interesting. Watch the video below and find out what your body regenerates throughout your lifetime. […]

The SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Kicks Ass: #NowWhat

The Supreme Court did something great on Monday. By voting 5-3, SCOTUS’s abortion ruling put an end to states passing “clinic shutdown” laws. While these laws don’t make abortion illegal, they severely limit access to abortion facilities. Perhaps you remember when Texas first passed its abortion access law. The law […]

America: We Need to Vote [Video]

Samantha Bee thinks the United States will be okay… if we vote. Most of Bee’s Monday night show was about Brexit. One of her segments was about how, although America should pay attention to the vote overseas, we aren’t the United Kingdom. So, let’s prove that nationalism isn’t the American […]

8 Natural Cooling Beauty Products for Hot Summer Skin

Feeling the heat? If your skin is showing signs of summer fatigue, enlist the help of natural cooling products that soothe and calm. Redness, rash, itchiness, puffiness, general discomfort. These can all be signs of too much fun in the sun. Even if you manage to avoid sunburn by using […]

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Diplomatico Rum: Your New Favorite Liquor is Sustainable and Delicious

Looking for a happy hour choice that’s as sustainable as it is delicious? Diplomatico Rum may be the answer. This Venezuelan rum is made by one of the only liquor companies in the world to have earned the ISO 14001 certification, a prestigious recognition that helps provide practical tools for […]

The Avocado Hummus Recipe You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Alas, two plant-based favorites – the avocado and hummus – have joined forces to create something we admittedly regret not having discovered sooner. Avocado hummus is a smooth, creamy dip or spread that sits somewhere between guacamole and hummus, without being decidedly either. It has all the fixings you’ll find […]

Are Mushrooms the New Packing Peanuts?

In 2010, Eben Bayer, co-founder of Evocative, announced that mushrooms were about to become the new packing peanuts – but what has happened to this miracle of modern industry since then? What is Myco Foam? Myco Foam, an organic adhesive made of mycelium, a living, growing organism, is hitting the market […]