7 ‘Of the Month’ Clubs that Make Opening Your Mail Way More Fun

Unique of the month clubs.

Here are some crazy great “of the month” clubs for you to try out.

I recently signed up for a new monthly club and it got me thinking about what other offbeat or unique  “of the month” clubs are out there that I don’t know about.

The monthly subscription club I signed up for is called the Dollar Shave Club. I know it’s not that exciting sounding, but with bare leg season here I like knowing that each month I will get a delivery of fresh new blades to keep my legs smooth and razor burn free.

I, like many other folks, am a creature of habit and I like the convenience of monthly subscription services. We pay our bills on auto-pay, sign up for magazines and entertainment on a monthly basis, why not sign up for other monthly subscriptions to make life easier and more productive? Of course, I’m not condoning rampant materialism here. Don’t just go out and sign up for of the month clubs just because they are novel; but if they make sense in your life, then do it.

Monthly subscriptions make great gift ideas too. It’s quite literally the gift that keeps on giving…for a year or for however long the terms last. It’s also more appropriate to go with those more novel monthly subscriptions for a gift too–with a gift you want to treat the giftee to something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. An of the month club is a great way to do just that.

Whether you are treating yourself, giving a gift, appealing to your practical nature or splurging a little, here are 7 fantastic monthly subscription clubs you probably never knew existed. Don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming up too!

  1. For the Makers Crafty Monthly Subscription – a monthly subscription for supplies and tutorials to make for diy crafty projects.
  2. Moss of the Month Club – Satisfy all your lichen needs with this subscription.
  3. Pocket Square of the Month Club – This might be perfect for Father’s Day.
  4. Underwear of the Month Club – This club features handmade undies made from repurposed t-shirts.
  5. Handspun Yarn of the Month Club – Knit or yarn using handspun wool from different types of sheep.
  6. Pickle of the Month Club – Enjoy pickles of the season with this club.
  7. Soap of the Month Club – What a clever way to always have handmade on hand.

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