10 Infographics on Farming and Agriculture

In celebration of the passing of the new Farm Bill.

Now that healthcare’s out of the way, Washington’s on to the next hot-button issue: farming. On Friday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stressed the importance of passing the new five-year farm bill, which will support farmers and agricultural producers in America. Get up to speed on this important piece of legislation, as well as the state of farming and agriculture around the world, with this series of informative infographics.

The Hidden Costs of the Farm Bill: A breakdown of one of the year’s most controversial pieces of legislation, from TakePart.com.

The Global State of Agriculture: A big picture look at farming around the world, from the knowledgeable folks at USAID.

Factory Farm Map: A sobering interactive infographic that visualizes the effect of factory farms on communities, consumers, food safety, health, and animal welfare. [click for interaction]

Farmville vs. Real Farms: In case you were wondering, there is a difference.

Interesting Facts About Farm Water Conservation: An infographic on the inseparable relationship between water and agriculture.

The Female Face of Farming: While agriculture is usually seen as a masculine industry, it’s often women who bear the weight of the work. This interactive infographic shows more. [click for interaction]

How Big a Backyard Would You Need to Live Off the Land?: Urban gardeners, take note.

Agriculture in the Green Economy: In this interactive infographic and video series, Farming First explains how agriculture plays into the economy and the environment. [click for interaction]

Urban Agriculture in DC: Take a tip from residents of the nation’s capital and cultivate food in your own backyard (or rooftop).

Teach a (Wo)man to Farm: This interactive infographic from GOOD and One/Living Proof shows why investment in agriculture, particularly woman farmers, is a powerful tool for economic development. [click for interaction]


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Image: Kevin Dooley

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