10 Ways To Feel Great About Yourself Today


Are you tired and worn out, feeling full of regret and worry? It’s exhausting and depressing to feel this way. Hey, it’s okay to love yourself. Actually, you’re supposed to! How else are you going to be the wisest, greenest, friendliest soul on the planet? It all begins with feeling good, and that delicious glow that comes from it. Not gloating, glowing.

The world needs you at your best. The cultural creatives are waiting on you, so step up, love yourself, and put your best into the world. Here are some ways to love yourself today:

-Give Gifts & Compliments. Gifting, as regular practice, shows that you wish happiness upon others, and you can easily give the gift of a genuine compliment. Seeking out that which is beautiful and bringing positive attention to it is a sure way to create smiles and good feeling all around.

-Do one eco-friendly thing you don’t usually do, and feel good about doing that.

-Call your grandma. Seriously, there’s someone out there who would love to hear from you. People want you around!

-Start each day with a simple prayer or intention. “Today I pray for peace in my day,” or “Today I intend to create easy communication.”

-Write yourself an email expounding your greatest qualities and finest features. Don’t forget to flirt! Be sassy, erotic, vivacious. You are the coolest creature on Earth!

-Do that thing you’ve been putting off. It’s that one thing that’s not so easy and you really have to do it. Until you do what’s right, you won’t feel good about yourself. Tackle it now.

-Write a Mission Statement. You were born on this Earth for a reason. What’s your Mission? Why are you here? What does life want from you?

-Create a self portrait. Draw, paint, sculpt, show it, grow it, craft it. What do you really look like?

-Treat Yourself. Spend that extra few bucks for the gourmet chocolate, or splurge on that yoga therapy treatment you’ve been thinking about. You get to decide what you’re worth – it’ll do you well to up the ante.

-Healthy Fuel. You can’t convince us you feel good about yourself if you’re feeding yourself dirty fuel. Eat the cleanest, most wholesome foods available to you, and feel good about that.

Image: bionicteaching