30 Things Only Homebodies Understand

30 Things Only Homebodies Understand

Hey, homebodies have feelings too. We’re not the lazy, wishey washey flakes you think we are.

The only problem I have with being a homebody is everyone else’s problem with it. It doesn’t make you weird. It doesn’t make you anti-social. It also doesn’t make you lazy—in fact, homebodies are probably more productive than the general population. You think we do nothing, while we think you do nothing. Some people enjoy time to themselves and need it to recharge, while other people thrive in busy environments. Can’t we just accept each other for who we are so homebodies can stop feeling guilty for being themselves?

Here are 30 things only homebodies understand during all the hustle and bustle of life:

  1. Pajamas. All day long.
  2. You prefer consciously uncoupling from society.
  3. The only human contact you have on weekends is with the delivery guy.
  4. Every night is movie night.
  5. You have a scroll of fake plans up your sleeve for those uber-awkward party invites.
  6. When you’re out, you daydream about how comfortable your bed is.
  7. Your consider the weekend a new “House of Cards” season comes out to be your Superbowl. (So much Frank.)
  8. You’re jealous of your cat, who never gets shit from people, for how he spends his time.
  9. The outrage you feel when someone’s praised for staying in on a Saturday night. Meanwhile, you’re treated like you skin people and wear them as outfits.
  10. You don’t feel the need to always be doing something.
  11. When you survive an entire week without getting forced into plans, you want to twirl in a meadow and sing “The Hills Are Alive.”
  12. You don’t understand why people pay rent for a place they never spend time in.
  13. When friends or family blow into town for the weekend, you feel like your life is over.
  14. You need a nap just thinking about traveling.
  15. You have a fear of not missing out.
  16. You think it’s adorable when someone tries to get you to go out for “just an hour,” and actually think you’re going to fall for it.
  17. You’d rather clean your toilet than go clubbing.
  18. You’ve run out of shows to watch on Netflix. And Amazon Prime.
  19. You’re in a committed relationship with your sweatpants.
  20. You’re more productive when you’re at home.
  21. You don’t understand people who never want to be alone as much as they don’t understand you for wanting to be alone.
  22. People turn to you for your savvy online shopping skills.
  23. Getting ready to go out takes forever.
  24. When someone wants to make plans you tell them you’ll get back to them—and you know, don’t.
  25. You feel like you’re the only person who knows the difference between being anti-social and selectively-social.
  26. You’re all about the staycation.
  27. You make plans based on how far away they are from your home.
  28. When you’re done with being out somewhere, you’re done.
  29. You bust out Shakespearean-quality soliloquies when you have to defend your reasons for staying in.
  30. All going out does is remind you of how much you hate going out.

What are other things only homebodies understand?

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