5 Reasons to Stop Negative Thinking: Are You Making Life More Difficult than It Needs to Be?

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Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. While people in the world around us can be difficult, often times we’re the ones that make it so. We treat ourselves worse than any bully possibly could. On the other hand, and equally problematic, sometimes we blame the world for our own shortcomings. The world must be out to get us and so is everyone in it. Stop negative thinking and making life more difficult than it needs to be. 

1. You let people steal your time.

It’s more important than money and success because you can never get it back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Yet, often times we let the world steal our time. Whether we stay late at the office five days a week, let the same gossipy acquaintance talk our ear off daily, or go to events we don’t really care about–your time is a precious resource so don’t let anybody steal it. You don’t realize how important your time is because you don’t think you’re important. Stop negative thinking that allows time suckers.

2. You procrastinate.

I wrote an article recently about the real reason we procrastinate. And in fact, we’re only hurting ourselves. A video from School of Life shines a light on why you may be procrastinating, claiming that the fear of failure and not succeeding may actually stop you from getting anything done.

3. You assign intent.

When something bad happens, do you always think the person that caused it was trying to hurt you? Whether it’s getting cut off in traffic or a friend that forgot to text you back. It always cuts deeper if you think it was meant to hurt you. Stuff happens in life and trust me, you’re not the center of everyone’s life, you’re just the center of your own. If the cashier at the coffee shop frowned instead of smiled, give her a break because she might just be having a bad day.

4. You don’t trust yourself.

Asking for advice is great but at some point you have to learn to trust yourself. You’re the only one that truly and completely knows what you want out of life, so don’t expect others to fill in the gaps. Trust yourself and your abilities.

5. You compare yourself to others.

Gauging your own success by comparing yourself to others is a no-win game. On one hand, comparison thinking is natural because our minds love to rank, file, and organize, but it’s too easy to get sucked into the depressing pattern of jealousy and competition. Notice when you’re doing it and halt the behavior before you get in too deep.

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