6 Tips on How to Look Better Without Makeup

6 Tips on How to Look Better Without Makeup

How do some women do it? Able to pull off the fresh faced, youthful look when going makeup free, rather than death warmed over. If you feel more scary than dewy when going out bare, try these tips on how to look better without makeup.

Whether you never wear makeup, occasionally go without, or wouldn’t be caught dead bare-faced, there are ways to improve your naked face game.

There are times when you simply have to leave the house before putting on your face. Running late, under the weather, fleeing a fire…some of us are hard pressed to go anywhere without at least a little eyeliner or mascara.

Then there are the women who pull it off with ease and actually look younger without makeup. What is their secret to going makeup free and how can the rest of us get in on it?

Looking great makeup-free boils down to a few simple tricks, some regular maintenance, and a dash of self-assurance.

6 Tips on How to Look Better Without Makeup

1. Skin Love: A well cared for complexion looks healthy and glowing. It is also low maintenance, which means you can skip the foundation. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dry, dead skin cells, which cause lack luster skin and clogged pores. Always cleanse with the appropriate product for your skin type and remove makeup before bed. And maybe the most important step in radiant skin? Making sure it is getting adequate moisture with your choice of facial oils, lotions, or creams.

2. Protect and Prevent: Yes, this falls under the prevention category but is so important. Regular use of nontoxic sunscreen protects skin from lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, making it easier to go makeup free. (Check our sunscreen guide for top picks for face.)

3. Wow Brows: On fleek brows may be a trend, but they also help to frame the face. Plus, well groomed brows lend polish to your look.

4. Lash Out: Want to make eyes pop in an instant? Curl your lashes, stand back, and admire those peepers. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is a makeup artist favorite.

5. Mane Game: Good looking hair means you can get by with almost anything (or nothing) for the rest of your look. Don’t have time to coif? A sleek pony, cute headband, or pretty scarf can easily dress things up.

6. Own It: If you are going out makeup free, smile and radiate confidence. Nothing looks better than a woman who feels good about herself.

Still not comfy with a completely bare face? Go the “no makeup” makeup route for a fresh faced look that only looks bare.

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