7 Spring Fling DIY Party Ideas to Celebrate the Best Season

Throw an awesome spring fling!

Spring is the season of celebrating. Throw your very own spring fling to start the season off right.

Now that it’s staying light later, the temperatures have warmed up, and the flowers, birds and bees are all at hard at work again, it’s time to take advantage of the best loveliness Mother Nature has to offer. That means we are all ready for outdoor entertaining again!

Whether you decide to do a casual outdoor barbecue or more of an outdoor dinner party, throw a spring fling and celebrate the season. Here are some easy DIY ideas to make your spring fling a perfectly spectacular success.

7 Easy DIY Ideas for a Spring Fling

  1. Fire it Up – Whether you choose a backyard chiminea or decide to build a firepit, adding fire to any outdoor party is the way to go. The light, the warmth, and the communal atmosphere of a fire can make any party a success. Add marshmallows to make it even better.
  2. Drink Station/Bar – It’s always nice to have a drink station outside, so you add your guests don’t have to keep running inside for a cold one. You could always have a tub of cold beer and bottled sodas or create a DIY outdoor bar from which to serve your signature cocktail and mocktails.
  3. Flowers – A spring fling calls for amazing flower centerpieces. Turn the flowers, buds, twigs and more of the season into beautiful decorations with these easy flower arranging tips.
  4. Tire Swing – If you have a large enough tree in your yard, consider adding a tire swing. Children and grown-up children both love a good old-fashioned tire swing. Learn how to DIY one here.
  5. Cocktail/Mocktails – A great spring fling requires a special drink. Whether you decide to go with booze or go the booze-free route, make a decadent drink for guests to make the day more special. Anything with berries is spring appropriate!
  6. Food – Peas are the perfect vegetable for spring parties. They are one of the earliest veggies to pop up each spring. Serve snap peas with hummus and other dips and make pea pesto to serve toasted baguette slices.
  7. Decor – Don’t be afraid to be colorful and DIY up some fun spring fling decorations like a fabulous fabric bunting, bird silhouette place cards, or turn colorful bandanas into reusable napkins. Let your spring creativity run wild!

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