9 Reasons to Ditch Those Logo-Covered Designer Handbags (They’re So 1999!)


Every woman wants to feel sexy and desirable, but should we really be defined by our handbags? Here are 9 reasons to stop carrying those logo-covered, designer handbags.

1. Ladies, let’s be honest, these handbags are ubiquitous. Everyone seems to have one these days! Do you really want to look like everyone else? They just aren’t that original, nor are they exclusive. There’s nothing unique about luxury goods sold by large multibillion dollar corporations focused on growth, brand visibility, awareness, and profits (how do you think they buy those full-page glossy advertisements in the fashion mags like Vogue?).

2. Is it really necessary to spend $1000 on a handbag? Really? This is a bag that’s thrown over your shoulder, and on the floor of a subway or a restaurant (and probably its bathroom), the movie theater, or the bar where soda, coffee, alcohol and who knows what else has been spilled, only to stain that expensive purse. As you get older and wiser, someday you’ll look back and ask: “Why did I spend all that $$$$ on those ridiculous designer handbags when I could have put it towards my kids college tuition, or invested it, or taken a trip of a lifetime?”

3. The replicas coming out of China are so good, no one can tell the difference between the real ones and fake ones! So, why bother with the expensive real one when people will probably think it’s just a cheap knock-off in the first place?

4. Flashy, luxury items are out. Subtlety and an understated lifestyle are in as the new face of luxury.

5. Thanks to award winning journalist, Dana Thomas, who called Louis Vuitton “the McDonald’s of the luxury industry” in her book, “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster,” the bags are now a running joke among top fashion industry designers because they’re so common these days.

6. Conspicuous consumerism is out. Saving is in.

7. Smart luxury consumers are tired of the logo-covered standbys because they are so 1999. Their taste has become more discriminating and they aren’t buying them anymore. How many handbags do you really need, anyway? Collecting more stuff is out. Collecting luxury experiences, though, is in.

8. Sorry ladies, carrying an expensive bag does not mean ‘you’ve arrived’ or are superior. Do you really believe that carrying an expensive handbag will deter other women from hitting on your man? (One study says this is true. Really?). Come on ladies you have more self-confidence than that!

9.  Let’s face it: oversize handbags don’t impress men. Women carry them to impress other women. When men see a woman carrying an oversized, expensive hand bag, they simply wonder and chuckle, “Is that an overnight bag she’s carrying?” And by the way, have you ever noticed that carrying oversize handbags hurts?! The weight starts to hurt your neck, shoulders and back!

Lesson: Feeling fabulous and desirable doesn’t come from a status symbol. Too many women make the mistake of entering a room with her handbag first, instead of leading with her gorgeous, confident self, with the bag in tow.

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