A Guide to Perfect Eyeliner: Make Your Eyes Light Up

Perfect Eyeliner: A Guide to Making Your Eyes Light Up

You want to try at least some of the makeup trends out for the season. But is basic black liner really doing your eyes justice? Fortunately, we have perfect eyeliner picks for every eye color, eye shape, and skin tone.

Every girl has at least one black eyeliner in her beauty arsenal. It is ideal for creating a smoky eye or glam winged look.

Now are you ready to up your eye game? There are practically as many eyeliner color options as shadows. As with most things beauty, it is important to remember this color choice is super personal. Certain shades enhance some eye colors and skin types more than others.

Stumped on which would look best on your peepers? Read on for tips on choosing the perfect eyeliner for your lovely eyes.

Perfect Eyeliner by Eye Color

Blue: Sure, deeper blue eyeliners bring out the best in blue eyes. But if you want some serious wow factor, go for gold, copper, or emerald. Try Lavera Soft Eyeliner Green.

Green: Sporting some gorgeous green peepers? Make the most of those babies by using deep plum and mahogany shades. Try Ilia Beauty Pure Eyeliner My Generation.

Brown: Brown can totally handle brown shades. Why not go for something completely different and wear navy or cobalt? Try Ilia Beauty Pure Eyeliner Nightclubbing.

Hazel: Hazel hues are as varied as they come. One universal eyeliner hue for this lovely shade is bronze, which can either lean toward olive or gold. Try Benecos Natural Eyeliner Olive.

Perfect Eyeliner by Skin Tone

Black eyeliner can be too harsh on fair skin. Opt for a more natural look by using a muted neutral in brown, grey or dark green. Try Ilia Beauty Pure Eyeliner Sweet Jane.

Medium skin tones can handle black eyeliner well, but also look great in other, more daring dark tones. Give bronze or deep purple a try. Try Inika Eyeliner Purple Minx.

Darker skin tones can go for the bold with more intense color and metallics. Go for gold, silver, or royal blue. Try Benecos Natural Eyeliner Bright Blue.

Now that you’ve chosen the best shade (or two, or three) for your eyes and skin tone, learn how to play them up. If your eyes are more round, accentuate outer edges with a bit thicker line to make eyes appear longer. For small eyes, don’t drown your eyes with thick liner. To make eyes appear larger, apply a thin line to upper and lower lash line. And if eyes are close set, use the same trick as for round eyes in color, anything but black or brown will do.

Add these tips to your holiday party look and get ready for a stellar season. Cheers!

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