‘All is Fair’ Makes Beautiful Pieces for Transgender People

All is Fair makes amazing undergarments.

Transgender people are about to feel a heck of a lot sexier thanks to an innovative lingerie designer.

Peregrine Honig owns and operates Birdies, an independent lingerie shop in Kansas City, Mo. The pieces she creates are beautiful and unique. About a year ago, Honig began thinking about the transgender community, specifically how they don’t have a line of undergarments that are practical, unique, and beautiful.

“I’ve always been interested in issues of gender identity and transition … all the gray areas,” Honig says. “I’m on a learning curve, because, you know, there’s no Rosetta stone for the transgender dialogue. But through the arts and through the Internet and through conversations, we’re able to educate ourselves, and we have no excuse not to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

While Honig isn’t transgender, she felt compelled to create a line of functional and gorgeous undergarments after seeing what a friend who was transitioning had to wear. Honig was taken aback by how poorly constructed and “medical” the pieces were. Honig decided to do a bit of detective work to see if anyone was making attractive and well-made undergarments for the transgender community. Her findings? Really depressing. The items available were just as bad as her friend’s garments.

So, Honig got to work and began to research what she needed to do to make underwear for the transgender community. Luckily, Honig had some useful connections that helped her get the idea off the ground. “Miranda Treas, a designer whose lingerie is stocked in Birdies, mentioned to Honig that her aunt, Laura Treas, worked in the post-plastic-surgery industry and had experience in the garment design realm as well,” Today reports.

Just this past September, the new line, called All is Fair in Love and Wear, was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The line is dedicated to making “middlewear,” a term Honig created to “represent the transitional time that the garments are intended to accompany.”

So far, the company is producing “binders,” which are made of comfortable compression fabrics. These fabrics “bind” to create a silhouette while feeling great against a person’s skin. The sleek design makes the product pinch-free. The brand hopes to release more pieces soon.

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Image of All is Fair from the brand’s Facebook page

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