What Putting on a Bra Says About Your Personality

What Putting on a Bra Says About Your Personality

Word is putting on a bra reveals a lot about your personality. (This is not a drill.)

Come on, spill: What’s your go-to move when putting on a bra? Do you use your go-go gadget arms to clasp it in the back? Do you clasp it first then twist it on? Or maybe you prefer putting it on like a shirt? No matter your preference, how you put on your bra reveals a lot more than just your taste in bras. You know, apparently.

According to body language expert Patti Wood, there are four unique ways to put on a bra, and each reveals something about the wearer.

“There are four distinct personality types—drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors—who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks,” Wood told Redbook. “Everything you do—and the way you do it—comes together to form a story about yourself, and there’s no reason your undergarments shouldn’t be a part of that.”

So what do your bra-putter-oning habits reveal about your personality? Here’s the inside scoop:

1. You fasten your bra from the back while it’s on

Okay first of all, how the eff do you manage to pull it off? Second of all, your mind bending skills with a boulder holder mean you’re a supporter: You’re uber-responsible and prefer tradition and rules, which is why you put on your bra just like the traditional women of yore. You’re also generous, and are always there for your friends when they’re in a bind—bra-related or otherwise.

2. You hook your bra on the front of your body and then twist it to the back

You’re the influencer of your bra-wearing posse. You’re all about dressing the part and gravitate toward bold bras that make a statement. You’re perpetually optimistic, are led by your emotions, and gravitate toward habits—like how you prefer putting on your bra—that guarantee you always look your best.

3. You prefer bras with front closures

You’re the driver who doesn’t bother with that back closure nonsense, or anything else that’s going to waste your time. You invest in things that are high quality, because why shop if you don’t have to? You make sharp decisions and research them well in advance, and you’re not one for second-guessing yourself. You’re the little girl boss that could.

4. You pull your bra over your head

You’re the careful corrector who focuses on doing things right the first time, which is why you set-it-and-forget-it when it comes to your bra clasps. You’re the most quiet of the personality types, so when you speak your words pack a punch. You’re extremely organized, and you’re a fixer who enjoys figuring out solutions to the peskiest of problems.

What does putting on a bra say about you?

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