8 Badass Pieces of Workout Gear That are Both Ethical and Warm

rumi-x-mainWhen you feel like a badass you’ll probably want to sweat it out like one, so we’ve gathered some seriously good looking workout gear that’s guaranteed to keep you warmer during the fall and winter months.

The holidays are nearing, and for some of us that means busier schedules, more stress, and sinfully delicious foods. Plus, I don’t know about you, but cold weather kinda makes me want to hibernate. Unfortunately, this leads to breaking our workout routines, and becoming a little (or a lot) less healthy than we originally planned. And ya know what? That’s okay! Instead of beating yourself up, worrying, or counting every calorie, invest in some badass workout gear that will motivate you to keep your personal goals somewhere near the top of your to-do list. (And hey, even if it doesn’t go as planned, you can always rock the athleisure look while doing a little holiday shopping, right?!)

Not only can you feel good about prioritizing your own fitness needs, but you’ll also enjoy knowing that the companies we’ve chosen our faves from put a lot of thought into how they run their businesses. Each one of these brands puts environment, employees, sustainability, and ethicality first, without sacrificing style or quality.


This popular brand has always has been about sustainability. With materials like organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and repurposed down, prAna put conscious fabrication first. Fair trade practices, fair labor, and traceability are just a few of the additional characteristics that help this business stand out.

1. Jumpsuit

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

If you’ve ever wanted to simplify your workout wardrobe, and still look ah-mazing, this jumpsuit, or, as every mom likes to call it, onesie, is simple and so uniquely stylish. Toss on a sweater and sneakers, and you’re ready to sweat it out in the studio.  

2. Pullover

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

A cozy pullover sweatshirt is a must-have for fall and winter workouts. It’s the perfect transition piece when going from car to gym, or to wear for a jog, a hike, a bike ride, or any other active outdoor adventure.


With a great selection of athletic and hiking shoes for vegans, Merrell is thought to believe in sustainability beyond the product itself. From product and packaging sustainability to investing in green initiatives, Merrell cares about the community, as well.

3. Sneakers

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

This vegan-friendly sneaker is designed for all weather wear, including wet terrain. And the color is a welcome refresher to the usual neutrals seen so often during the season.

4. Joggers

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

If you’re looking for the type of pant that you can do everything in – workout, run errands, sleep, lounge, and eat your post-exercise Ben and Jerry’s – the search ends here. Great for cooler temps, and obviously versatile, these come highly recommended.

5. Jacket

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

Snowy white and soft, this hooded fleece jacket is designed with cold weather in mind. Not only does it dry quickly to minimize heat loss, but it also maintains a super lightweight feel and resists pilling. Pair this neutral piece with all of your workout gear.

Inner Waves Organics

This family-owned brand chooses eco-fabrics from sustainable sources that are made with environmentally friendly dyes. All of the clothing is made in America, and the company makes sure to give back through non-profit support and volunteering.

6. Yoga Pants

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

Whether you do yoga outdoors, in the studio, or at home, these pants are as great to look at as they are to wear. Made from organic cotton, the flare leg bottoms lend a really hip boho flair. Pair with a simple long sleeve top, or a chunky knit.

Rumi X

Utilizing innovative materials to produce striking workout gear is what this business is all about. Materials like coffee grounds and recycled polyester (rPET) are used to create the garments, of which approximately 50 percent less energy is used than with virgin polyester, helping to reduce plastic in the landfills and keep oceans clean.

7. Long Sleeve Top

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

A long sleeve top is a must for working out in the cold, but this one is on a level all its own. With specialty pockets, breathable mesh sides, a built-in shelf bra, and even thumb holes, this eco-friendly top is totally lust worthy. Designed with yoga, running, pilates, and aerial yoga in mind, this is a versatile and practical choice.

8. Leggings

Badass Workout Gear that’s Ethical and Warm

Thanks to its eye-catching color and design, this beautiful legging is a fun take on sustainable workout gear. Designed with activities like the gym, crossfit, pilates, and barre in mind, you will get a lot of wear (and compliments) out of these pants.

Keep those goals around the holidays this year by investing in some of our top picks in ethical workout gear. Even if you don’t burn any calories, you can at least fend off depression, fight stress, and save your sanity. Let us know what you thought of our roundup on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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