Bike Fashion: Rock Adorable Clothes While Riding a Bike


Let’s face it: bike fashion could use an upgrade.

We all know that riding a bike is great for the environment and your body. But some days it’s really hard to want to ride your bike to work, or to the store, or anywhere, really. Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t want to appear is if someone poured a pitcher of water over your head, let alone try to pull off wearing biking pants to social functions.

So, how can you avoid becoming a hot mess while riding a bike to work? We’ve got a few tips on how you can still manage to rock some bike fashion while riding on two wheels.

Remember: Most commutes can be done in normal clothing!

If you’re going a short distance, you can probably don just about anything that’s work appropriate (aka, no skinny, mini skirts) without a second thought. If you’re biking a longer distance to work, you may want to consider packing your work clothing in a bag.

If you want to maintain a fresh look, try to cycle at a slow and steady pace. Basically, make sure you leave early enough so you aren’t sprinting to the office. The slower the pace, the less sweaty you will get. But remember, if it’s hot and humid, you’re going to get sweaty. To cut down on sweat interfering with your signature style, invest in a bike pannier that can hold your bag. A bag that’s resting on your body can generate more heat.

A few adorable fashions that are great when riding a bike:

Not all rompers are gross. In fact, you can find some darling jumpsuits, or onesies, they will turn heads in a good way. One particularly great suggestion, courtesy of the ladies at XOVain, is this simple, but stylish, Soho Slip Jumpsuit from Pixie Market.

Also, attractive bike shorts are a great addition to wear under flirty skirts. Bike shorts can help keep everything contained, and will also help you avoid chafing (yuck).

And while you’re accessorizing, you may as well invest in sturdy flats (all the better to peddle with, my dear) and a roomy, fashionable backpack.

Refinery 29 is full of some awesome, adorable fashions that are biker friendly, too. The site suggests that moderate heeled shoes, such as ankle boots, can work for bikers, too. Also: Semi-wide legged pants, as well as skinny fit pants, work well for bikers. Just make sure you aren’t rocking flowing bell bottoms, as those pants could get caught in your bike’s gears. Once fall hits, make sure to pack a light sweater in case you start to get chilly during your commute.

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Image: Jens Rost

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