7 Clever, Cheap & Cool Ideas for Making a DIY Headboard

DIY headboard ideas.Turn your bedroom into a creative oasis by making your own DIY headboard.

Once you move past the Craigslist and Ikea college years of decorating, you pretty much realize that a good headboard can pull the whole room together. It’s like a good rug in that way–about which the “Dude” can tell you. And you can buy, or you can make a DIY headboard, instead.

But just because you now can decorate with purpose, as opposed to with whatever the old roommate left behind, doesn’t mean that you need to spend a ton of money or jump on the consumer bandwagon. Consider DIY instead when it comes to adding or replacing your headboard in your bedroom. Doing-it-yourself allows you to create a one-of-kind piece unique to only your space. It just might also be possible to repurpose some of those old college-era furniture pieces and keep them out of the landfill.

The necessary components for any DIY project are inspiration and precipitation, and making your own DIY headboard is no exception. We can provide the inspiration, but you will have to come up with the materials and the manual labor. But it will all be worth it when you have the perfect bedroom space, and you did it all yourself!

DIY Headboard Projects

1. Mantle DIY Headboard – Make a statement by using a mantle as a headboard. We love this idea from Vintage Revival. Not only do you get a new head for your bed, but a place to store some knicks knacks too!

2. Faux Bois Fabric Headboard – Want the look of wood without actually using wood? How about this fabric headboard project from Craft Hunter that uses a pretty fake wood fabric. What a smart and simple project.

3. Pegboard Headboard – This project from Sugar and Cloth is the ultimate intersection of form and function. And it looks super easy to execute. Love it.

4. Tufted DIY Headboard – And if you are going for something a little more elegant, give this project from Little Green Notebook a try. The finished project looks super fancy too. It’s fancy pants.

5. Faux Tile DIY Headboard – Like the idea of DIY, but aren’t into the time commitment? This project from Sweet C’s Designs claims to come together in 20 minutes for $12, and it looks freaking amazing. Can’t beat that at all.

6. Cedar Shingle HeadboardEast Coast Creative had the great idea to make a DIY headboard out of cedar shingles. Not only does the finished product look super cool, but it’s ridiculously inexpensive to complete too.

7. Repurposed DIY Headboard – Turn old louvered shutters or closet doors into a headboard. Here’s a how-to from Marty’s Musings.

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