Energy Muse: Healing Crystals for a More Inspired Life

Energy Muse: Healing Crystals for a More Inspired Life

Energy Muse founders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, talk the transformative power of healing crystals and forthcoming book “Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You.”

Empowerment, inspiration, and hope — there are few things more important than surrounding yourself with positive feelings such as these. Energy Muse, the internationally known purveyor of handmade crystal healing jewelry understands how important it is to make good energy a priority. Whether you’re attempting to recover from a problem, ward off negativity, or balance, protect, and enhance your energy, Energy Muse offers a solution for all of that and more. I recently caught up with Askinosie and Jandro to uncover why they’re so passionate about their business and what makes the time-honored art of healing crystals such a crucial element to actualizing one’s true potential.

Feng Shui Paved the Way

Energy Muse: Healing Crystals for a More Inspired Life

The Energy Muse story began roughly three decades ago when Askinosie was selling luxury real estate in Southern California and a client asked her to locate a home for him with “good feng shui.” This intriguing request set Askinosie down the path to immersing herself in the world of healing crystals. After happening upon a crystal store she said, “I began to live a double life, selling real estate by day and spending the nights with the crystals in this store. The more time I spent with them, the more I knew I could no longer go back to my life as a real estate agent.”

It was then that she took a huge leap of faith by using all of the money she had saved selling properties to travel the world. Throughout her journey, Askinosie said she was able to “study with indigenous healers, shamans, and medicine people who all bestowed their wisdom to me by word of mouth.” Being a self-professed skeptic, once back home, she wanted to test her knowledge and see the results of the healing crystals for herself. Askinosie handmade ten necklaces using her knowledge and doled them out to ten of her friends, one of whom was Jandro, a dear friend she calls her business partner today.

The “Prosperity” necklaces were a success. Friend after friend returned with some sort of good news — from a job offer to a business connection, prosperity really did abound, and it didn’t overlook Askinosie or Jandro.

Jandro’s background in the garment industry, where she says she “had the experience of learning all facets of a business,” turned out to be the the yin to Askinosie’s yang. After such positive feedback about the necklaces, Jandro said, “I worked on getting a small production team together, and we literally started selling product out of the trunks of our cars in Manhattan Beach.” And from there, the rest is history. According to Jandro, “Word spread to Hollywood A-listers about this prosperity-bringing necklace. We were ushered into Hollywood parties to sell our ‘energy beads.’ It’s like we were doing energy deals with the most influential people and successful people and giving them a competitive edge.”

Healing Energy for Everyone

Energy Muse: Healing Crystals for a More Inspired Life

Healing crystals and their benefits are not just privy to Hollywood’s elite. Energy Muse caters to people of all ages, professions, genders, and knowledge levels, skeptics and non-skeptics alike. Askinosie says, “Sometimes, it’s hard to get your head around the world of energy, and the things we cannot see. Crystals encompass the invisible world of energy and give you something tangible to feel and hold in your hands.”

According to Collective Evolution, quantum physics theorizes “what we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it.” Throughout history, numerous scientists have argued that you and I are not solid at all, but are actually comprised of one hundred percent energy, further substantiating the positives of utilizing healing crystals.

When asked for recommendations for some of the more common issues afflicting people today, like anxiety, stress, and lack of inspiration or motivation, Askinosie recommended shungite for anxiety, selenite for stress, and angel phantom quartz for motivation and inspiration, while Jandro swears by blue lace agate for calming nerves and wears it every day. Askinosie also wants to remind everyone that crystals are not just a passing fad. Although the practice has caught on more recently in the mainstream, she likes to think of it as a “global movement that is starting to gain momentum as people become re-attuned to connecting with the energy of the Earth.”

Where to Begin

Energy Muse: Healing Crystals for a More Inspired Life

If you’re new to healing crystals like me, then getting started might seem intimidating. Fortunately, Energy Muse has excellent recommendations on the site. You can shop by chakra, intention, or gemstone, and may also pre-order the pair’s book, “Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You,” due out in October. Jandro assured me that even newcomers will be able to navigate it with confidence and says, “We’ve done the work for you, giving you the formulas that have worked best for us. There’s a chapter for love, wealth, meditation, pregnancy, spirituality and much, much more. The rituals are structured like recipes, with crystals as the main ingredient.”

While the book may offer practical rituals that can be done in eleven minutes or less, Askinosie reminds us that there’s no quick fix.

“Everything takes time and consistency. Keep it simple and don’t give your power away. The magic is not the crystal, it’s you,” she says. “It’s not doing the work, you are. It’s simply an ally on your journey. A tool to help you get where you want to go. If you think that just purchasing a rock is going to change your life, you’ll be disappointed. The only person that’s going to change your life is you. The crystal is the tool to ignite that change.”

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