Eye Contouring: Get Dramatic Eyes With Natural Eye Makeup

Eye Contouring. The Latest in Makeup Manipulation

Want eyes that pop? There is one makeup technique that will take your peepers to a whole new level beyond the basic cat eye.

You know makeup contouring, right? The tactic of applying makeup in a way that highlights your best facial features, while diminishing those you’d rather not draw attention to. Still not familiar? Kim Kardashian. Now you get the picture.

When done right, makeup contouring can give an airbrushed effect to skin and perfect the features. But if you, like many women, feel this method seems fake or sometimes even scary, here is a new one for you.

Eye contouring.

Same thought, but on eyes. Making the most of what you have with makeup. Eyes close set? Contouring can make them appear less so. Deep set? Bring out your windows to the soul. Just looking for peepers that wow? This is your baby.

Chaos Magazine recently cited the technique as the newest big thing in makeup. No foundation overload and eyes will definitely be the main focus. It does require a bit of knowledge and maybe more than a little practice, but the method more than ups your eye game.

For the sake of staying within somewhat natural looking limits, we are going to break down a simple eye contouring look. Of course, all of the following products are natural too.

Products and Tips for a Fairly Natural Eye Contouring Look

Eye Makeup Primer: This is super important in helping eye shadow stay put and maintain that contoured look. Apply Benecos Natural Eyeshadow Primer to lids for a matte surface.

Eye Shadows in a Neutral Range Palette: Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette contains four shades perfect for this look. Start by applying the lightest shade under brows and to corner of eyes. Next, apply the second lightest shade to the crease, blending out and slightly upward at the outer edge. Using the lighter brown hue, blend into the outer edge of crease. Use the darkest shade along the lash line.

Black Eyeliner: Apply either liquid or pencil eyeliner (your choice) to lash line. Try 100% Pure Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eye Liner or Blackest Creamy Long Last Liner.

Black Mascara: Finish up with a swipe or two of Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara to top and bottom lashes.

There you have it. Your new eye contouring look. The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look, it is not. Use this look for times when you want to dazzle.

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