Helen Mirren Advocates Aging Gracefully in New L’Oreal Ad

Helen Mirren

Models are getting older. As in the over 60 set. That’s right, if you have yet to see Helen Mirren in her latest role as the face of L’Oreal you truly are missing out.

While super models of the ’80s are now in their 40s and early 50s, there is a new set of model on the scene. And they are the over 60 set.

The gorgeous Helen Mirren is the new brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. In a video for the brand, in which she proudly proclaims “our perfect age is now”, she not only suits up in leather and red lipstick, but persuades us to grow another year bolder.

Yep, a real life 69 year old woman publically singing the praises of growing old gracefully. Not exactly an everyday occurrence. But it may be soon enough.

With everyone from movie stars to Bravo Housewives to real housewives getting injected, plumped, and pulled regularly, looking your age has not been at the forefront of pop culture. But are we getting over the eternal youth syndrome and headed toward aging gracefully?

Hopefully, yes. Mirren is not the only older woman to step up to the designer marketing plate. Jessica Lange is doing ads for Marc Jacobs Beauty at 64. American author Joan Didion is the new face of Celine at 80!

And all three look au naturel, their lines and grey hair proudly on display. And why not? They are not 30. Why try to look it?

Even those 40-something models are beginning to show off their real age. Cindy Crawford’s latest lingerie pic to go viral was the real deal, no touch ups. There were even some noticeable wrinkles on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars. Not all sleek foreheads and cupie doll cheeks.

In our youth-obsessed culture we’ve been trying so hard to look as young as possible. The new beauty movement seems to be headed in the direction of looking as great as you can for your age. This means happy and healthy. Sure, it may sound cliché, but what woman with a healthy glow who looks truly comfortable with herself doesn’t look beautiful? Think maintenance rather than reversal. Keep what you have healthy and looking great.

This means steering clear of too much salt and sugar, eating a balanced diet, getting adequate rest and exercise, and reducing stress. Meditation is a helpful tool in raising your PMA.

Using healthy beauty products is also better for skin and health. There are many natural anti-aging ingredients that support the skin. And don’t forget the sunscreen. UV damage is the leading cause of prematurely wrinkled skin and spots. Try a tinted moisturizer with mineral SPF like Marion Cotillard wore to the Oscars.

We seem to be at a beauty crossroads. Will we keep fighting the inevitable or revel in the natural flow?

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