How to Make Your Eye Makeup Last All Day

How to Make Eye Makeup Last All Day

You may have perfected the cat eye, but is your eye makeup barely making it past lunch? 

Eye makeup is serious business to makeup lovers. It sort of seals the deal. That is, unless it evaporates by midday.

You’ve chosen the perfect eyeliner and mascara. Watched many a tutorial on getting the perfect winged liner or smoky eye. You’ve got this eye makeup thing down. Then it all seems to disappear in a matter of hours.

How hard can it be to get eye makeup to stay put for a while? A few tricks can help your look go the extra mile.

5 Tips On Making Eye Makeup Last All Day

1. Providing a decent base for eye makeup is key to making it hold. You’ve likely heard of makeup primers for foundation. Well guess what, they make primers for eyes too. Faerie Organic Forty Winks Eye Primer is a cream to powder product that ups your shadow wear time.

2. The number one reason makeup slides off of lids is due to oiliness. If your lids are even slightly oily, shadow and liner melt. This can also cause mascara to leave those teeny dots along upper lids. The best way to ramp up the power of that primer you just applied is with a light dusting of powder. RMS Beauty Un Powder is so weightless it won’t get in the way of your color.

3. Moving on to that color. When applying eye shadow use a pressing, rather than swiping, motion. This goes for both powder and cream. Or double up and use both. A layer of cream shadow under powder shadow in a coordinating hue makes your shadow more intense and longer lasting. If you are using powder shadow alone, applying with a damp brush will make it stick. A fab combo: RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Solar with Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Magnetic.

4. You can also use the double up approach with eyeliner. Go over pencil with a liquid liner to keep it in place. Not a fan of the liquid liner look? Try tracing over pencil with a brown or black shadow to help it stay put. Try Ilia Beauty Pure Eyeliner and Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner.

5. As for mascara, go for black if you want the look to endure a long day. Another tip: be sure to let dry in between layers. This gives mascara sticking power. For a mascara that works for you, check out this handy guide.

Now, barring rain or a good cry, your eye makeup should last you straight through to bedtime. Don’t forget to remove before your head hits the pillow.

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