News Moms and Dads, Meet ZoLi


What with the recent Bisphenol-A and phthalate scares, especially in baby bottles, smart new companies are popping up to offer safer choices for conscious parents. Mom and Dad, meet ZoLi: a company dedicated to offering healthy baby products. One of ZoLi’s founders, Julianna Shaw, is a mother herself and when she realized how difficult it was to find safer products for her own baby, decided it was time to make that search easier for other parents.

Take your pick of BPA-free bottles, PVC-free nipples and other baby accessories that won’t do harm to your little one. They’ve also got teething rings and a cute little latex-free mat for changing diapers on the go. Thanks ZoLi, for joining the ranks of green companies making the world a better place for all people – especially the littlest ones.