Non-Touring is the New Way to Strobe (and You’ll Love It!)

Non-Touring is the New Way to Strobe (and You'll Love It for Summer!)

Certain beauty trends don’t see a sad farewell when they go. Most natural beauty gals aren’t terribly heartbroken over the waning popularity of contouring, for one. Think it’s truly on the way out? A new beauty trend called “non-touring” has made the scene, so we’re thinking it may be safe to say buh-bye to that high maintenance look.

Contouring not only takes a lot of makeup and time to construct, it isn’t so easy to maintain. High temps and humidity can ruin the look pretty quickly. Obviously, time spent near a pool or beach is not an option.

Summer is the perfect time for a lighter makeup look. Quick and easy doesn’t hurt either. And you also want something that will endure a day of heat and possible moisture. Who wants to be powdering their nose all afternoon when they could be sipping margs poolside?

If you are not the type to go completely bare faced or simply want to radiate as much inner glow as humanly possible, non-touring is for you. Yes, another somewhat funky makeup technique name (stripping and blurring, anyone?), but this one has true merit in the natural beauty world.

What is it, already? Non-touring is a makeup look much like strobing. Only less … intense. The point of strobing is to use highlighter to define and sort of contour, in a sense, the appearance of face shape and features. Non-touring, on the other hand, is supposed to look like your own skin. If you ate only raw veggies, drank gallons of filtered spring water, and meditated 8 hours a day. Every day.

Since none of us do all those things (at least not every day), here is how non-touring works.

3 Steps to a Non-Touring Look (You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!)

ILIA Beauty Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer

1. You want skin to shine through, and look fresh and healthy. So rather than thick foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer. Feel naked with no foundation? A primer applied first will help the tinted moisturizer to stay in place and will give the complexion a more refined look. ILIA Beauty Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer comes in 6 natural shades and provides semi-matte coverage, so won’t compete with the highlighter.

RMS Beauty Master Mixer

2. Next up is highlighter. A light touch is required here so that you don’t really notice it. You are going for a naturally lit-from-within look. Using a highlighter that is close in color to your natural skin tone is best with non-touring. Apply a bit to areas of face that the light hits naturally – tops of cheekbones just under eyes, bridge of nose, brow bone, and cupid’s bow of lips. RMS Beauty Master Mixer is a rose gold tone that has the unique ability to bring out the best in any complexion. A summer must-have.

RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

3. A very light dusting of facial powder will take the glare off. Be sure not to overdo this step, as you don’t want to cover up the glow factor. RMS Beauty “Un” Powder goes on light and disappears into skin, taking the look of shine with it.

Sound way too simple? That’s because it is! Don’t overthink this whole non-touring thing. Just bask in the compliments you’ll receive on your super healthy, natural-looking, ultra-radiant skin.

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