Non-Toxic ‘5-Free’ Nail Polish That Performs Like Gel? Meet SpaRitual Gold

5 Free Nail Polish That Acts Like Gel? Meet SpaRitual Gold

You know you should use 5-free nail polish to avoid those toxic chemicals. But you really want a long-lasting gel manicure. What if you could have both?

The dilemma we green gals face with polish is, of course, the nasty chemicals used to make them. You use No-VOC paint on your walls, right? You surely want something safe for nails.

Nail polish may not be a beauty necessity, but what would life be if we couldn’t indulge in pretty things? And one favorite beauty rite amongst females, and even some males, is definitely a good mani/pedi.

Non-toxic polish has come a long way since its thin, watery beginnings. That’s great, but today we strive for long-wearing, glossy finish manicures. Regular polish, 5-free or not, may just not cut it these days.

The best way to go for manicures is choosing 5-free polish. These are exempt from the main toxic ingredients commonly used in nail polishes: DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. These toxins are linked to hormonal disruption, skin and respiratory irritation, organ toxicity, and cancer.

Thankfully, there are healthier options. Still, how often do you consider going in for a gel mani just so you don’t have to repaint so often?

Meet SpaRitual Gold line of polishes. This is a simple two step system of Flexible Color and Flexible Topcoat. Not only are these beauties vegan and 5-free, but give that gel-like mani you love. No drying light or icky toxins required.

Can non-toxic polish truly behave like gel? The short answer here is yes! I tried SpaRitual Gold personally and love them. Beautiful, glossy color that dries quickly and has staying power. The topcoat works like a charm, and the shades are rich and beautiful. Another thing I love about these polishes – the grippy handles make for quick application. Brilliant!

I recently spoke with Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual, and here is what she has to say on the Gold line.

5 Free Nail Polish SpaRitual Gold

Liz Thompson: Your Gold nail lacquers are vegan and 5-free. How else are they different from conventional polishes? (I noticed they are not as obnoxiously scented as regular polish…they almost smell like salt?)

Shel Pink: Yes! Regarding the smell. That is a nice benefit of the Gold formulation. I would also say dry time is super fast. Traditional formulas will take up to 1 hour for a complete dry through the layers. Gold dries in 8 minutes. If you feel like painting your nails before you go to bed you will not wake up with sheet marks on your nails. A huge bonus!

LT: Gel manicures are the thing right now for durability and long lasting color. What all women want to know … how long does a manicure last with Gold?

SP: Gold doubles the wear of your manicure. For example, If you typically wear for 3 days Gold will take you to 5-6 days.

LT: Any special application tips?

SP: It is effortless to apply Gold, not only because of the ergonomic cap but also for the mindful brush. The brush contains over 600 bristles that fan out on the nail providing maximum control and precise application.

LT: Which lacquer colors are hottest for the season?

SP: Cool blues, icy greys and warm plums. Check out the SpaRitual holiday color collection – Awakening.

If you’ve been bored with the same old colors, chipping, and short-lived mani, this is what you’ll be putting on your digits in 2016.

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