Nurturing Rituals with Juara Skincare


Skin care is a personal ritual.

So say the four co-founding women of Juara Skincare. They look to age-old beauty rituals of Indonesian women to create blends made of traditional tropical ingredients while also implementing  the best of Western science.

Using ingredients like banana, avocado, ginger and turmeric, Juara products are a delicious dessert for your face and body. Reading the ingredients is like taking a walk through the tropics, knowing that the fruits of the forest will provide the perfect natural formula just for you.

The women of Juara believe that taking care of your skin’s health can become a ritual of beauty, in which you take the time to nurture yourself consciously, one natural step at a time. Beauty isn’t skin deep, as the old aphorism goes; it is also a connection between the wisdom of the ancestors and the abundance of the Earth.


Images: Foraggio, Juara