Perfecting the No-Makeup Look is All About Changing Your Perception

The no-makeup look is in.Celebrities far and wide are ditching makeup for a natural look–which is great for a number of reasons. So why can’t some people get used to seeing bare faces on television?

Alicia Keys

Although many celebrities have posted no-makeup selfies in recent years, it’s Alicia Keys making the biggest waves now.

Alicia Keys made major beauty news when the singer/songwriter chose to go makeup-free on “The Voice.” While this isn’t really news, it’s seen as newsworthy because, really, when was the last time a famous woman went totally makeup-free—repeatedly—on air?

Not surprisingly, people are taking note of Keys’s bare-face appearance for a few reasons. First, people are happy. It’s refreshing that she feels comfortable wearing no makeup in front of the nation. Second, people are also taken aback by her appearance. It’s not that people are proclaiming that she looks bad, viewers are just… surprised? Confused?

I suppose that’s not too shocking. After all—she is taking the no-makeup selfie to the next level and embracing her natural beauty.

And now, Katie Holmes

Holmes is the most recent celebrity to go makeup-free on Instagram, Glamour reports. Her no-makeup look is fresh, simple, and gorgeous.

The main reason Glamour views this as news is because makeup-free is finally becoming a mainstream look for women. Women are no longer seen as lazy if they don’t wear makeup; we’re seen as just normal. And although it’s strange it’s taken this long for beauty trends to catch up with natural beauty look, it’s still refreshing.

How to get the look

While the no-makeup look seems straight-forward, it takes a little work. Because even Keys doesn’t ignore her skin completely.

First, get enough sleep. Your skin will look better when you’re well-rested. Next, drink a lot of water through the day. Help enhance your natural glow by exercising and applying sunscreen. Followup with a serum, moisturizer, eye cream and lip gloss if you feel inclined.

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