Reboot Your Mojo with a SUP Giveback Yoga Retreat in Mexico

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Why just go on vacation when you can take a soulful journey on a yoga retreat and have the adventure of a lifetime?

Enter the La Paz SUP Social Good Retreat. Curated by retreat leaders extraordinaire Michelle Gierst and Juli Schulz, their annual ocean adventure yoga retreat is designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Gierst and Schulz invite yogis to “to play in the ocean, unwind, think big, share ideas, stretch, grow and be creative”. Held in La Paz, Mexico on the magical Sea of Cortez, this yoga retreat leads you through a magical five-day journey of heart-centered yoga, SUP, an epic boat trip, and social good.

Here are 5 ways to get your mojo back at the La Paz SUP Social Good Retreat.

1. Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

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Imagine a sunrise meditation followed by oceanfront yoga in a traditional Mexican palapa where you can de-stress, let go, and reconnect to your body. Or join the afternoon SUP yoga session and let those negative ions have their way with you as you float upon the calm azure blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Led by Gierst, a certified yoga, pilates, and SUP instructor, she’s a proponent of “FloYo” – floating yoga. This meditative practice allows you to set your intention and tone for the day and return to a balanced mind-body connection.

2. Be Inspired by the Magical Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez Kayaking
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The Sea of Cortez is a marine wonderland. Jacques Cousteau described it as “The natural aquarium of the world”. It’s a protected sanctuary where you can see (but not touch) incredible marine biodiversity. You’ll travel aboard a private boat with Fun Baja Eco-Adventures, watch whales breach, dolphins ride the bow, and mobula rays leap out of the water by the hundreds. Not to mention a visit to Isola Espiritu where playful sea lions swim next to you and might even tug at your fin. And if you’re up for the adventure, snorkel with whale sharks. These gentle giants, up to 40-feet long, feed only on plankton, and to catch even a glimpse of one is a memory of a lifetime. Schulz, the yoga retreat’s eco-guide, ensures everyone is safe and having fun. Especially, those snorkeling for the first time or who aren’t used to being in the water. No matter your aquatic ability, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful coral, abundant sea life, and surreal coastline.

3. Indulge in Conscious Luxury at Costa Baja Resort & Spa

Where to stay in La Paz
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Five-stars, baby. And yes, you are worth it. Part of the retreat is to surround yourself with conscious luxury and beauty that reflects the stunning Sea of Cortez. In La Paz, there is no better hotel than the boutique luxury Costa Baja Resort & Spa. Situated on an island about twenty minutes outside of La Paz, it’s surrounded by tranquil azure blue water. Where the desert meets the sea, the multi-level waterfront resort has jaw-dropping views around every corner. Stretched along a stunning white sand beach, the most difficult decision of the day is deciding where to relax? At the Beach Club, in a hammock overlooking the ocean? The infinity pool? On the white sand beach? Or under the shade of a palapa? Decisions, decisions. All the while Costa Baja Resort is known for its integrity and commitment to its staff and sourcing sustainably to protect the wild and wonderful Sea of Cortez.

4. Energetic & Spiritual Healing at Espíritu Spa

Best spa in La Paz

The Espíritu Spa at Costa Baja Resort is no ordinary spa. Its Holistic-Reiki concept focuses on balancing energies through aromatherapy, local healing herbs, ancestral techniques, and custom elixirs. Therapists use a biosensor to select the right blend of oil to use with your treatment to open energy centers and stimulate not just relaxation but also energetic healing. Treatments are ritual-based from traditional healing techniques, including prayer. Try the Espiritu Ritual, an “ancestral experience” with energetic cleansing, that incorporates a massage with lemons and chakra balancing. The Damiana Ritual is a rejuvenating full body massage and herbal wrap with oils to restore energy. While the Liberation Ritual helps you release negative emotions from the past via Reiki, Ho’oponopono, and healing stones. So, which Espíritu Ritual is right for you? Ask one of the spa’s healers and they’ll guide you to just the right experience to rebalance and harmonize your subtle energies.

5. Give Back to the Local Community

Care for Kids La Paz
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A treasured experience of the yoga retreat is giving back to the community. Retreat leaders Schulz and Gierst connected with Care for Kids La Paz, where donations ranged from solar lights and school supplies to cash donations. A heart-centered highlight was an outing to the Care for Kids center where Diane Bleck of The Doodle Institute hosted a doodling session that broke the language barrier as guests and local children connected through the universal language of creativity and color.

If you’re looking for a heart-centered yoga retreat to reconnect with your soul and re-affirm your deepest intentions while having an aquatic adventure, the La Paz SUP Social Good Retreat is it. Sometimes you have to get away to reset your focus and adjust your perspective. But, it’s always worth it. Every time.

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