Save Winter Skin (and Your Hand Bag) With Solid Oils

Save Winter Skin (and Your Hand Bag) With Solid Oils

As much as we love oils for winter skin, there are times when they are less than convenient. When traveling, or carrying in your bag or to the gym, a bottle of oil can get messy. That’s where solid oils come in.

The ideal winter skin hydration product should work well on face, hands, lips, and body. And the best way to fend off dryness and cracked skin is to apply such a product multiple times each day. Because if there is one product you absolutely must have for winter, it is a good moisturizer. Once you’ve gone to the dry zone, it is hard to recover.

While oils are amazing at adding extra moisture to skin and revving up glow, they are not exactly tote-able. No one wants to end up with a grease slick inside their purse in the name of supple skin.

The answer to this winter skin dilemma? Solid oils. Same great moisture and softness for skin, convenient take-anywhere formula. Thinner and less greasy than most balms, these combine healthy oils that spread easily and quickly evaporate into skin.

Some cosmetic use oils are solid at room temperature. These include coconut oil, shea butter, cupuacu, mango butter, and babassu oil. Rather than a super thick or waxy feel, a swipe of these oils melt into skin and leave behind no greasy feel.

Solid oils can be used just like regular oils, on their own or over moisturizer. But there are other uses as well. They work great as makeup remover, quickly dissolving foundation and eye makeup. Solid oils also make the perfect product for the oil cleansing step in Korean beauty ritual. A swipe on lips keeps dryness at bay and makes a softening base for lip color. And use to keep hands smooth and cuticles in shape too.

Solid Oils for Winter Skin

Winter Skin RMS Beauty Skin & Lip Balm

RMS Beauty Skin & Lip Balm

Winter Skin SKIN Healing Calendula Salve

SKIN Healing Calendula Salve

Revolution Organics All-Over Balm

Revolution Organics All-Over Balm

Badger Balm Damascus Rose Beauty Balm

Badger Balm Damascus Rose Beauty Balm

Winter Skin Trilogy Everything Balm

Trilogy Everything Balm

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