‘She Sheds’: How to Create a Backyard Escape Without Ever Leaving Home

She sheds are the new man caves.


“Move over “man caves,” we need room for our “she sheds.”

Man caves as a concept have been around for ages–not quite back to the time of cave dwelling, but they have been a feature of suburban living for quite some time. But the concept of having one’s own space, a place for solitude and a place to create, unwind, relax, and do pretty much whatever the hell you want, really shouldn’t just be the purview of men. And while I think we all would prefer gender-neutral terms, the reality is that overworked and overstressed women deserve their own peaceful place to relax and de-stress. That’s where the “she shed” comes in. At its core, she sheds are really just the latest home design trend to capitalize on the idea that women want (*need*) a space to call their own too.

The man cave is a thing of the basement or the garage, but she sheds are a creature of the backyard. It’s a space away from the rest of the house–just far enough away to not hear the calls of “MOM?!”, but close enough in case you are actually needed.  She sheds don’t literally have to be sheds either. Sure, transforming a shed (greenhouse, unused playhouse, or what have you) into a blissful backyard hideaway is a great way to create your own space, but a building a gazebo, treehouse, screenhouse, pergola, or some other structure would work just fine as well.

The idea is to create a retreat and the sky is pretty much the limit with how you do it. Convert an existing structure or build a new one. It’s all about what will work for you.

3 Tips for Getting Started Creating Your Own She Shed

  1. Determine the function of your space.

What will the purpose of your space be? Home office? Yoga retreat? Reading nook? Artist studio? All of the above? Your intended use of the space will help guide you in converting and designing your dedicated space.

  1. Convert or Build?

If you already have an unused backyard structure, it may be a no-brainer to simply convert it into a comfy backyard getaway. If you don’t have an existing structure, then you know you will have to construct one.

  1. Repurpose Decor and Design

Whether you convert or build a structure, repurpose where you can for your design and decor. Pallets can be used to make a fence around your she shed to give more privacy and a little love can turn a thrift shop table into a chic desk.

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