Get the Smokey Lip Look this Autumn

The smokey lip look is in.

There’s a new smokey makeup look on trend, but it has nothing to do with eyes.

The latest face feature people are “smoking up” is their lips.

The look isn’t as out there as one would think. That’s probably because the brand that just came out with the Smokey Lip Kit is no stranger to making interesting lipstick looks people love.

The product turning heads

Lipstick Queen started selling two Smokey Lip Kits in late August—just in time for fall beauty season. Each kit contains a full coverage lipstick shade and a shimmery black lipstick.

All you have to do to achieve this look is apply the full-cover matte lipstick first—one kit features a bright pink color and the other has a neutral pink—then go over the color with the top cover— a sheer, black lipstick with gold flecks. Each kit is priced at $35.

Don’t like pink? That’s cool! Lipstick Queen understands. That’s why the brand is selling the black shade—Black Lace Rabbit—separately. Pair with you favorite lip color and let the look creating commence!

Make your own

This look is quite similar to what many young women were wearing in the ‘90s. However, it looks a lot classier—those gold flecks!—and branded.

If you want to recreate this look on the cheap—as in about $16-17 instead of $35—try mixing and matching NYX’s Matte colors, which are bright and vibrant, with its Wicked line, which has a subtle shimmer.

Or give my favorite combo a whirl: combine NYX’s Black Macron lipstick with its light gold or bronze Wicked lipstick. The look is dark, fun and, yes—smokey.

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