The Green Glove Test: EcoSalon’s Round Up of Healthy House Cleaning


Okay, take the green glove test in your house. Are you still using a laundry list of surface cleaners with harsh chemicals? Are you lifting carpet stains with products that give off ugly fumes? We told you about the good stuff that’s out there, but maybe you forgot when you scrubbed those dishes with conventional soap from the factory. But it is time to say no to convention and get your green on, even if you hate housework as much as we do.

As long as you are stuck with the dreaded chore, here is a refresher on green cleaning products that will make you feel so darn good about responsible mopping and dusting, you will whistle while you work!

Spot-On Eco Carpet


Did you blunder with your color choice and select a neutral beige instead of graphite grey or chocolate? We can dig it. It’s just a drag to be a slave to that carpet, insisting visitors remove their shoes, yelling at loved ones for trekking muddy boots along the stairs up to their rooms. If you are able to go the DIY carpet cleaning route and avoid professionals who charge a lot and use chemicals to lift the stains, review our post on the natural way to rinse a rug.

9 Great Eco Cleaners

You’re walking down the aisle, perusing the products, taking in the odors, confused about what to buy. Why not make a list with these great cleaning solutions, from Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid for squeaky green plates to Sun & Earth Concentrated Laundry Detergent for non-irritating socks? Brighten your abode with ingredients like coconut and vegetable oils.

Adding Greener Laundry Products to the Fold


The wash and fold has always been fairly routine, but staging a laundry space that is up to green standards will make this job healthier for you and the planet. Among the best apparatus in this room – natural drying racks that allow you to cut down on the electric appliances by hang drying your garments when possible. Reusable bags also help the schlepping of clothes from hamper to machine and back to the drawers. Other scoops for the natural laundry maven can be found by perusing this post on eco laundry supplies and tips.

Easy Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning


Scrubbing toilets makes us feel flushed but using chlorine-free, biodegradable cleaners is number one when performing this dreaded task. Shower surfaces, too, need a gentle touch to remove grime and even old soap residue. Where to find plant-based ingredients on the grocery shelves? Look no further.

10 Myths About Dry Cleaning


The labels say “dry clean only,” but we have found there are some garments that can be delicately handled at home. How do you know how to separate the fragile sweater and tough trousers? Learn about the myths of dry cleaning from the green soldiers who have braved hand washing and found it can clean even better than many of those pricey dry cleaning companies.

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Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.