Turn Repurposed Wine Corks into DIY Stamps

DIY Repurposed Wine Cork Stamps

Stamp projects are a really fun way to get creative with your kids. They add pizazz to art projects and are particularly fun for adding detail to stationary. Repurposed wine corks make ideal stamps and are a fun art project as well. Here’s how to make your own DIY wine cork stamps.

1. Gather your supplies.

For this project you’ll need:

-wine corks
-x-acto knife
-stamp pad

Don’t fret if you don’t drink a lot of wine. Ask your friends if you can borrow their wine corks. Or you could go to a local wine store or wine bar and see if they wouldn’t mind letting you have some extra wine corks. Discarded wine corks are easy to find in a society that drinks tons of wine.

2. Design your wine corks.

Choose simple and fun designs for your wine corks. You want them to be simple to carve into the wine cork and also simple enough that it’s easy to discern the design. Think of designs like hearts, circles, stars, smiley faces, or arrows. If you carve a design into the side of the cork instead of the bottom, you could choose larger designs. Have fun personalizing your wine cork designs.

DIY Repurposed Wine Cork Stamps
Image: Elaine with Grey Cats

3. Cut out your designs.

Using an x-acto knife, cut your designs out of the wine corks. If you’re making wine corks with your kids, this part of the project should be reserved for adults only. X-acto knives are really sharp and can be very dangerous for children.

4. Have fun with your new wine corks.

Why buy stamps when you can make your own? Put your new wine cork stamps to work on all your favorite art projects.

What are your favorite repurposed wine cork projects? Check out other fun wine cork projects like this DIY bathmat or this DIY cork coaster.

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