Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards and Crafts that Really Say ‘I Love You’

Valentine's Day Cards you can make.

Get creative and make your own Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day is the best holiday on the calendar. It’s a time you get to profess your love to your lover, your best friends, your crush and/or more. School kids even get in the act with the cutest Valentine’s Day cards ever.

This year, instead of heading to that chain card store or some big box store, make your own Valentine’s Day cards to show how much you really care. Your Valentine will feel your love from here to infinity if you take the time to make a “handmade with love” homecard Valentine.

Here are some fantastically clever diy Valentine’s Day card ideas for both kids and adults.

11 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards and Crafts

  1. Accordion Love Heart Chain – How much do you love your Valentine? This much!
  2. Pop Up “Will You Be My Valentine?” Card – Show your love with a fun and dynamic pop-up card.
  3. Free Printable “What Does the Fox Say?” Valentine Card – Kids will love this free printable “What Does the Fox Say?” card. Of course, now you have that song stuck in your head!
  4. Paper Airplane Free Printable Valentine Card – Send your love through to soaring heights with this printable paper airplane card.
  5. DIY Light Up Heart Wall Art – Show your love your heart with this DIY light-up wall art idea for something more than just a card.
  6. Sprinkles to my Cupcake | Printable Chalkboard Art Valentine’s Day Cards – Gift these printable cards with cupcakes for the ultimate sweetheartness.
  7. Hey Smartie Printable Valentine’s Day Cards – Perfect for those classroom Valentine’s Day cards. Kids love Smarties.
  8. Potato Stamp “Hey Valentine I Think You’re a Star” Card – This idea is another great one for kids. Potato stamping is ideal for little hands.
  9. Valentine’s Day Paper Fortune Cookie Cards – For a little more finesse make these origami fortune cookies cards.
  10. Stuck on You Washi Tape Heart Valentine Cards – Patterned washi tape makes the perfect medium for a colorful and pattern-ful card.

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