Your Guide to the Hottest Lipgloss Colors for Spring

Hottest Lipgloss Colors for Spring

Have you switched out your spring makeup kit? If you’ve yet to add a new lipgloss, you are going to love this. Lippies bursting with springtime color and freshness.

Lipgloss may possibly be the most fun beauty product to buy. It feels good on lips, gives the best shine, and can go either casual or dressy. Love it!

Today we are not talking lipsticks, lip creams, or lip tints. This is all about the gloss, baby. Slick, shiny, gooey, lipgloss.

If you’ve been rocking a neutral lip through winter, it’s time to get your pucker spring ready. Read on for blooming beautiful lipgloss picks for the upcoming season.

6 Hottest Lipgloss Colors This Spring

Ilia Beauty Lipgloss in Heartbeat

1. This one will get your little ticker thumping. Ilia Beauty Lipgloss in Heartbeat is a sheer primary red that shows up as softly bitten lips. Totally spring and totally glam. Perfect for those who prefer a red lip but want something a bit softer for spring.

Osmia Organics Whisper Lipgloss

2. A sheer berry screams warm weather. Osmia Organics Whisper Lipgloss is super glossy, super subtle, and oh so pretty.

W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss Grapefruit

3. For a fruity kick of color, try W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Grapefruit. Soothes and shines while giving off a light hit of fresh color. Mint extracts help to plump up your pucker, too.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss Pink

4. Because pink makeup is such a good thing, and sparkle is so much fun, Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink has to make this list. Sweet, shiny, antioxidant-rich, and (most importantly) brilliantly pink.

Acure Organics Lip Lush Shmexy

5. Nothing says spring like this sweet pea pink. Acure Organics Lip Lush in Shmexy offers petal fresh color and high shine, in a convenient tube and nifty little $5.99 price tag.

W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss Gold

6. A little sparkle works any time of year. Wear W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold on its own or layered over your favorite springtime lip color.

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