5 Office-to-Happy Hour Outfits to Wear this Spring: Friday Finds

Office-to-happy hour outfits are a must for any social gal.

Sometimes, the only thing we have to look forward to after a bad week is a refreshing drink. That’s why it’s always wise to have a few office-to-happy hour outfits on hand.

Office-to-happy hour outfits can be accented with a funky scarf.

Office-to-happy hour outfits can be simple. Proof: this dress.

1. Dress and Scarf Combo

You can easily wear this dress ($26.99) at the office and for after-hours fun. Sure, it’s simple and modest, but you don’t have to show skin to look amazing. The versatile part of this office-to-happy hour outfit is the scarf ($42.99). You can use it to cover your neck and arms at the office — it’s always too cold. After hours, use it as a neck accent, or to cover your limp locks if your hair has lost its spunk during the day.

Happy hour outfits need a great purse.

Happy hour outfits should turn heads.

2. Sexy Romper and Oversized Bag

If you plan on going to happy hour with a date, you’re probably going to want to pack a change of clothing to switch into once the clock hits 5 p.m. We love the piece pictured above because it’s trendy and totally head-turning ($206). Now, to efficiently pack a sexy outfit, you’re going to have to invest in a bag that can conceal your date outfit of choice, plus makeup, accessories, etc. We love the bag pictured above because it’s simple, perfect for the office and after hours, and roomy as heck. Oh, it’s also vegan and only costs $68.

Office-to-happy hour oufits can easily be changed with a few button tweaks.

Office-to-happy hour outfits work with sensible but cute shoes.

3. Button Maxi Dress and Clogs

This dress ($168) can easily be worn from the office to happy hour. It’s stylish enough to wear as-is. From 9-to-5 you can button up all its buttons to keep all your goods concealed, and at about 5:15 you can unbutton a few at the top and bottom of the smock to show a little skin. We paired this piece with some simple and sensible clogs ($249) that you should be able to wear all day.

Happy hour outfits are all about layering sensible, button-down tops over cute shirts.

Happy hour outfits are all about layers.

Office-to-happy hour outfits sometimes include trendy, flared pants.

4. Layered Tops and Flared Pants

This simple outfit can be tweaked to be happy hour ready by simply removing the button-down shirt ($98). The shirt ($20) underneath is cute, simple, and a bit more fun than the button-down top, and pairs well with these totally stylish and appropriately trendy flared pants ($128).

Happy hour outfits always benefit from cute coverups.

Office-to-happy hour outfits can be converted with small tweaks -- like a zipper tweak with this pantsuit.

5. Jumpsuit and Coverup

This outfit is similar to the dress above that can be changed by unbuttoning a few buttons. All you have to do to change this outfit from office appropriate to happy hour ready is remove this cute coverup ($118) and slightly unzip the jumpsuit’s ($395) front.

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