6 Skincare Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Fix Them

6 Skincare Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Fix Them

You’ve been using the same skincare routine for years. And it’s working. Or is it? Are you making these common skincare mistakes?

Wash face at night, check. Use sunscreen, check. No picking, check.

Are you doing everything right and still not seeing that glowing complexion? You may be making some of the most common skincare mistakes.

The good news? These beauty blunders are fixable. Find out where you may be going wrong with this skincare troubleshooting guide and get back on track to gorgeous skin.

6 Common Skincare Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1 Over cleansing // Yes, not washing your face before bed is a skincare faux pas many women make. But that’s not news. What you may not know is that over cleansing can be bad for skin too. Using a cleanser or toner that is too harsh or drying can cause irritation, redness, and breakouts. Stick to a product designed for your skin type.

2 Skipping moisturizer // Think you can skip moisturizer if skin is on the oily side? Think again. Even oily skin types benefit from light moisture to keep skin balanced. When skin is sapped of moisture it produces more natural oils. This extra oil gets trapped under the top flaky layer and then you get those pimples you were trying to avoid. An aloe based moisturizer, like Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème, offers light, gentle hydration to oily skin.

3 Over exfoliating // Again, too much of this good thing can lead to unwanted issues. Exfoliation is key to removing dry, dead skin cells and allowing skin to better absorb healthy products. Once or twice per week is plenty. Over doing it will cause upset skin. Fruit acids do an excellent job of dissolving dirt and debris without scrubbing. Try Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.

4 Oil under moisturizer // Oils are one of the best, and quickest, routes to a radiant complexion. More and more women are discovering the advantages of using a facial oil. If you have enlisted the help of natural oils but are still seeing dryness, or maybe even more dryness than before, you may be using this product incorrectly. Moisturizers penetrate skin, hydrating beyond the top layer. Oils work to hold in moisture and work better when applied on top of moisturizer. Give this a try and see if it makes all the difference.

5 Eating too much sugar // Did you know that sugar breaks down collagen? Did you just step away from that donut? The sweet stuff also leads to inflammation, believed to be the main culprit in many health issues and diseases. Consume refined carbs moderately and if you must indulge your skin in sugar, opt for a DIY sugar scrub.

6 Using the wrong products // Good advertising and peer influence are often our reason for selecting beauty products. And why not? If it works for her it must work for you, right? Not always. Sure, we women love to swap beauty tips. But remember, the way to achieve your best complexion is by using what works for your skin. Choose items made for your skin type, learn to avoid ingredients that don’t agree with your skin, and set up your own custom routine. Your skin will thank you.

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